Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015 all!

Shouldn't we be in space suits and such by now?

We spent a low key evening at the homestead as we do most New Years Eve with the exception of ringing in 2012 in Chicago which is easily the best NYE of my life.  We got take out from a steak house and got our season 5 and 6 Wonder Years on.

I must say, while the Mr and I loved the show, we both kind of abandoned it halfway through the series when it was originally on.  We were teens making wonder years of our own.  I do remember that we made a point to watch the series finale when we were in our early dating.  It was sad.  As we watched this all in a row over the past week, we think that binge watching can be a bad idea.  I don't remember Kevin being a flaming a-hole, Winnie being such a whining, indecisive, gal who took on the weight of her brother's death by leading a lot of dudes on and in a constant state of squint.  Then Paul wasn't exactly the most supportive of friends even if he was Kevin's emotional punching bag. I must say should you ever get the box set, don't binge watch it.  Because by season 5, you will begin ripping it apart and hope that Kevin and Winnie break up for good because watching them together trying to navigate things was painful and irritating.

We did notice one major improvement was season 1 was only six episodes long but Jack (the dad) was seriously borderline emotionally abusive.  His family would cower when he came home and all he did was yell.  Thankfully from season two on, they softened him quite a bit and then went more to normal grunting and griping about work instead of his family being afraid to talk to him.  His relationship and closeness with Norma came through in more episodes than I remember and I love seeing them all lovey dovey on each other.  Wayne is just as I remember and I wasn't surprised when reading Jason Hervey's IMDB profile that some dude came up to him in a bar and said he had a brother just like Wayne and punched him out.  Therapy alert!  The Mr and I watched it so much that we both had dreams where Daniel Stern narrated them.

We were surprised to see all of the people who later went on to become stars in their own right.  There were more than that but those are just some of them.  Kind of neat to see who popped up in each episode.  (Like Lance Guest from The Last Starfighter!)

Now that I've given you my Wonder Years thesis...

We did manage to get in a little ball drop action.  Let me clarify, televised ball drop action at midnight.  We always watch the CNN program so we can listen to Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper giggle like a school girl.  If we were drinkers and drank every time Anderson giggled like a tween, we'd be drunk by 11pm.  While I do enjoy it, it made me long for the old days when Dick Clark was alive, there weren't so many live performers, commercials and hats for the crowd weren't sponsored like a big ad.  But then again, all of Times Square is nothing but an ad so I guess it fits.

Today I've got a pork roast in the crock pot for some Hawaiian Kalua pork and later BBQ sandwiches for some bowl game.  I remember when I was a kid and we used to go my grandma's for pork roast on New Years Day and watch  bowl games all day long.  I think by the time I was a teen and other grandkids came along we realized that it was a little too much family togetherness in a 10 day span so the tradition went by the wayside.  I'm bringing it back in some small form since they can't do it anymore.  This is only our second year doing it but a tradition has to start somewhere, right?

Wishing you all a very happy new year and remember as we all face our successes and challenges to find something to be grateful for each day.

Love to y'all!

Did you do what you had planned last night?  Get any ball drop action of your own?  Any plans or traditions to bring in the new year?

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  1. We watched a couple movies on Netflix (let the excitement begin right?). Then an episode of Twilight Zone, and then the Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin "thing" starting at about 11:50. Then they cut to commercial and when they came back there was no ball drop. I was sadly disappointed to miss it. Somebody, somewhere in the scheduling department seriously dropped the ball (well, you know what I mean).

    Today I'm on my way to my folks' to pick up the little guy. He's spent this last week with the grandparents and it's time for him to come home.

  2. I was quite surprised to realize it was almost 2am before I went to bed. I thought for sure I'd be out by 10pm, but I wasn't. Didn't even nap when I got home from work at 3pm! lol We ordered pizza and watched some tv and I read while the hubs worked on getting internet fixed. I went to a meeting this morning which was wonderful and came home to the hubs snoozing on the couch. He was up later that me so he's pretty pooped. I'll be scheduling in a nap probably around 1pm so I'll try to get things done before then. Nothing exciting, just laundry (so my weekend is freer) and running to the pet store for food and the grocery store for toiletries. Other than that, it's a laid back day of football. I did just look at a couple of recipes that I might gather at the grocery store so I can have it on hand for Saturday. I'm currently watching one of my dogs (the black one) bake herself in the sun at the back door while laying on the heat register. She is definitely one half of the Odd Couple. =o)

  3. All I know is there isn't a better person to ring in the new year with. Let's make 2015 a year of wonder indeed!

  4. Gratitude is SO healthy. What a wonderful admonishment for the new year! As you know, my husband is a ship's captain out in the Gulf of Mexico and gone 28 days at a pop (then home 14 days). With this shift (started on Tuesday at midnight) I began to send him a text message a day for each day of this hitch describing something I love about him. What a different world we'd live in if we spent our time expressing thanks for and celebrating the good and positive things about each other (and ourselves). *confetti toss* Happy New Year to you and your MR!!

  5. We did some binge watching of Twilight Zone on Netflix. We switched over to watch the ball drop at about 11:45 but I find the show really depressing now. I don't know how much is missing Dick Clark and how much is the perpetual commercial. Plus Jenna McCarthy and Fergie made me ill. We switched back to Twilight Zone after a bit. I think that may be our new tradition.


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