Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My word for 2015

I'm always so hesitant to do this because I've done it in the past and don't know if I've stuck to it the way it was intended.  But since I've seen many people trying to kick off the new year with a 'word of the year', I will give it a go and see if it sticks this year.

My word is...

Last year seemed to fly by at lightning speed and at times I just wished away parts of it for one reason or another.  Something was too hard or annoying me or emotionally draining and I just wanted it to be over with.  When I did my 100 Happy Days project last year, it forced me to put the concept of "savor" into practice.  There were glorious days like Day 38 12 MILE WALK OF SAN FRANCISCO!  (Pac Heights to Ferry Bldg to Ghirardelli Sq to Pac Heights) and then there were days like Day 85 where "woke up which means I'm alive, so...there's that" was the best I could do.  And in the end that's a pretty great thing because many people won't wake up today.  So this year, I'm doing a one happy year project to force myself to savor every day.  I've written down something each day that made me happy.  I've got the Mr doing it too.  We'll see how long we both last.  Fingers crossed!

I also want to savor the process of exercise and what it does for my body but most importantly the process of physical therapy and how it not just heals me but keeps me healed.  I am good at some parts of PT and then other parts suffer or I forget and then gripe when I'm hobbling around.  If I did everything I had to do to keep my leg muscles in tip top shape, it would probably take about 45 minutes a day between balance board work, stretching, rolling, PT exercises, massage, etc.  I need to remember it doesn't all have to be done in one 45 minute stretch, I can break it up throughout the day.

Finally and most obvious when you hear the word 'savor', I want to savor my food.  The Mr and I both tend to not really even look at our food when we eat and they say you eat with your eyes first.  You look at something and think "damn, this is gonna be GOOD!"  I want to get that kind of appreciation back for food.  Smell it and take in how it looks and play my old game of food critic.  Where you try to pick out what flavors pop in each bite, the texture and such.  I did that a lot when we were in the throes of weight loss in the beginning and I think it served me well.

So there's my word for 2015.  If I didn't choose it weeks ago, apparently my tea bag would've given me inspiration as well!

If you were to choose a word for 2015, what would it be and why?

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  1. I like the ideas of 100 days (or a year) of happy. I've thought about it, but I figure I'd get to like day 3, and forget to write it down. Maybe perseverance should be my word.

    Last year, the word I chose was "patience". I don't think I'm done with that one yet. I'm actually thinking of doing a 30 days of patience thing on my own - write down a time I was(n't) patient that day and reflect on why.

  2. Hmm....Savor is such a good word. I think I'd pick a word that's very close to savor, "Appreciate." I plan to appreciate every moment Du & I have together this year, while life is still pretty normal, living in the home we both love (we both know we need to move to a smaller place with no lawn to maintain), before it all goes to Hell. APPRECIATE! I just don't do it enough.....

  3. Worth/Worthy

    When something gets me riled up, is it WORTH my time/emotions to harp about it?
    When I reach for some junky food, is it WORTHY of me spending my calories?
    If someone is treating me in a way I don't like, are they WORTHY of my attention?
    Is mindless t.v. watching WORTHY of my time?

  4. Savor is a great word and I can't wait to see where it takes you on your year of happiness!

  5. I love your word ii all its arenas!! My mission this year is to use the phrase: I love that about you. We are all so aware of what stinks about us, where we fall short, what we mess up, all that we lack. It feels so good when someone notices something good that I am or that I've done and I want to pay that forward by making it a point every day to tell someone something I genuinely love about them and why.


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