Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How we're spending NYE and favorite posts of 2014

Do you guys remember how we spent Christmas Eve eve?  We found out our hot water heater was on the fritz and not to jump on the TMI train but the Mr and I had to take a speed shower together if we both wanted hot water.  Twas not romantic.

Ask us how we spent New Years Eve eve.

Taking a speed shower together trying to both get some of the last tank of hot water left before we had to turn off the gas line because of a gas leak in the new hot water heater.

2014.  Put a fork in it...


So I thought in the spirit of other blogging traditions of end of year lists, I'd make one of my own.

Here's a look back at some of my favorite posts from 2014 because if I don't see something positive out of this year, twill have felt all for naught.  You dig?

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Christmas Time is Here

It's good to see that there were some good times in there sprinkled with the challenges.

Obviously, I'm happiest when we're on vacation and while that remodel took our summer and a lot out of me, I love the end result too much to dwell on how much it drained me.  ;-)

We don't have any plans for tonight.  I actually had to remind the Mr that it's New Years Eve!  So you can see we've settled into middle age quite nicely.  HA!  My suspicion is we will finish up our binge watching marathon of The Wonder Years.  Jealous?

Happy New Year to you all!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to let in the plumber.

What was your favorite moment of 2014?  Any plans for tonight?

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  1. Just glad we're safe and we can enjoy our Wonder Years marathon as we ring in the new year! Hopefully 2015 will be a wonder year for us!

    1. Yeah me too. That could've been disastrous especially given our diminished nasal capacity over the past week. Now, get off the phone so we can finish up season 5!

  2. I hope the you're all fixed up now. Gas leaks are nothing to mess with (as you know). Down the street from my folks' a while back they had a gas leak in the main line and it ended up shooting fire out of the ground like 20 feet high. Maybe not quite 20 feet, but it was scary.

    Have fun with your marathon. I don't know what we're doing either, but we'll be staying home too.

  3. Been there, done that. Lived with no gas (thus, no hot water or stove/oven) for ten days. Ew. lol May the year ahead be filled with stress-free health and some good laughs, to boot.

  4. I am so sorry about your heater!! My gosh, you can't catch a break! 2014 just plain sucked. I really can't think of too many fabulous moments that stand out to be honest. I know there were some definite blessings sprinkled throughout the year, but I've been in a mental fog since February when I got mom's first email that she needed me to take her for surgery because her cancer was back. Since then, I've been muddling through each day and I wonder how I did it. Truly in a fog. So I hear ya...pfft to 2014!!

    My tookus was up at 4am for work and I told the hubs this morning I was looking so forward to coming home from work and taking a nap! Snort! I haven't napped yet, but if I make it to 10pm that will be amazing. My concession for the day is we're ordering dinner online and picking it up -- that's the extent of my driving. I have a meeting to go to tomorrow morning so I'll be up early again but will have the day to chill and relax. Just started my new job this week so my mind is filled to the brim with information that I can't begin to process. So a day off couldn't have come at a better time!

    I hope you and the Mr have a good New Year celebration-- at home doing what you want to do--as it should be! So long 2014!!


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