Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Battered bod and soaking in the season

My Christmas decoration project hit a snag last night so I'm hoping to get pics of it today in good lighting and after said snag is mended.  It's always something, right?

Monday night we did our first TRX session in a while and boy did I pay for it yesterday.  Between that and sleeping on a crappy pillow, I couldn't turn my head to the right all day and my left eyeball hurt every time I looked to either side.  Ugh.  The Mr was kind enough to massage my shoulders when I got up and I spent most of the day with the heating pad on various parts of my shoulders and back.  So of course the natural order for exercise last night would be Shaun T's FOCUS T25 Workout (affiliate link) .  When you can burn 600 calories in 30 minutes, you know it's a pretty hard workout but I knew the Cardio workout was mostly lower body so I could give my upper body a chance to recover.

After my shower, I indulged in a little ankle massage.  I go back to the chiro tomorrow for treatment and I'm going to ask if I can add those back in regularly.  I feel like it's the least jarring thing I could do but provide some relief so I don't end up bunging up the back of the legs.  Oh to have normal gams.

We had TJ's coconut shrimp, thai lime rice and green beans for dinner.  I think from now on I'll just make my own coconut shrimp, when I did that, it just plain tasted better.  TJ's has been skimping on the coconut lately.  Or maybe they're pulverizing it and mixing it with the panko, who knows.  Regardless, I notice.  I'm watchin' you Trader Joe!

But we ended the night with a little old school Christmas action...

Nothing gives you the warm fuzzies like those first few bars of the Vince Guaraldi score and seeing the skaters on the ice pond.  We've got so many Christmas movies to watch.  I'll have to start scheduling them to make sure we get them all in in time.  I hate late Thanksgivings and that's not changing until 2016.  I can already feel the season slipping away.  I know it sounds crazy on December 3rd but when you've got something going on every weekend and the whole week of Christmas, you realize it's going to be over before you can blink.  Sigh.

For now, I shall take in the scent of fresh cut greens, the twinkling lights on the tree and snuggling a little closer with mah boo under the duvet whilst I leech heat from his calves with my popsicle toes.

Until then, put Vince Guaraldi (affiliate link)  on repeat and let's enjoy the short season.

What workout kicks your butt for days?  What's your favorite Christmas album?

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  1. This season got into full swing really quickly and it is not letting down at all. Seems like we barely have time to just sit back and enjoy it but we do still have time enough if we stay aware of the fact that it's flying by.

    I do look forward to getting under that duvet where it's nice and warm. You are a heat leech but I secretly like that, once the initial shock of your ice cold feet wears off.

    1. Definitely must be aware. I'm thinking movie night tonight...perhaps Scrooged.

      I know you like it, even if you contort and scream on the nights my feet just don't seem to warm up. "How can your feet STILL be that cold, we've been in here for 15 minutes!!" :)

  2. We watched Charlie Brown Christmas last night too. It always makes me happy to watch. We'll watch a few others I'm sure, but that and Christmas Story are my only 2 "must watch" Christmas movies. Anything else we watch is a bonus.

    I've started wearing socks to bed, I hate that but I can't sleep until my feet warm up so in the interest of a good night's sleep I cover up the piggies. I always wake up with the socks on the floor, but they serve the purpose. My Mr. is a good radiator too, but he can't do much for my feet.

    1. There's nothing like that first TV showing of Charlie Brown Christmas. Even though we have it on DVD, I still like to watch it on TV.

      I wore fuzzy socks to bed a few times and I think I kicked 'em off too. I suggest cramming yer piggies between your Mr's knees or thighs tonight and see what kind of reaction you get! :-)

  3. My husband flings himself across the bed when he feels my legs move. He had enough of my frozen toeses.

    1. I do believe part of traditional marriage vows include warming of toes on the husband. It's not your fault if he selectively ignored that part. Warm away!

  4. Michael McDonald A Christmas Album, love it

  5. I have no idea what I did but I've been getting this excruciating "cramp" thing on my inner thigh from above the knee on up. Literally stood screaming in the middle of the living room and couldn't lift my leg. I thought it was a blood clot going to my heart. Any time I go to stretch my legs when I wake up in the morning and I can feel this thing wanting to go nuts again. I can't even explain what it is exactly, but I am not happy about it.

    My favorite Christmas album is probably an old Andy Williams one my mom has. I have a 2-CD compilation from Time Life of amazing Christmas music and such a nice mix-- Judy Garland--come on! I just said today that I need to bring that in the car with me for work.

    1. Oh man, I hope that feels better soon! If you don't own that "stick" thingy I've talked about before, it might be a good investment. It can get in those spots a regular foam roller can't.

      I have that Time Life compilation! It's awesome!


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