Thursday, December 11, 2014

A rump full of holly

Happy "Is It Friday Yet?!"

Yesterday I started feeling the stress of all of the entertaining I have coming up.

I love to entertain, trust me, I live for it, but there just aren't enough weekends in December when Thanksgiving is so late.  I need to make a to do or rather a 'to bake' list and when everything needs to be made.  I've got butter softened so I can start pre-making my cookie dough and freeze it.  I will be glad when those things are all in the freezer and I can just thaw, scoop and bake.  I cannot believe it's two weeks until Christmas.  SO much to do and seemingly so little time to do it.  Just need to finalize a few visits and I can plan a little better and make my lists on what to buy at the grocery stores.

We started to do Powerstrike and I realized a few moves into the kicks that this was not going to be good for my vow of low impact for the rest of the year to heal up.  I felt a little pain shoot into my toe and while I might've been able to handle it, I don't want to yo yo on the road to recovery.  I want to recover and be done with it.  I know this is the WORST time of year to have to cut back on jumping around but I have to listen to the bod so I don't continue being 'little Moe with the gimpy leg.'  So I let the Mr jump around and I did Walk Away the Pounds moves while he finished Powerstrike.  I felt like such a loser, I almost cried.  I know he doesn't see me that way but I feel like I'm holding him back if he does my lower impact workouts.  So I may just start working out during the day and he can do whatever his normal body can handle when he gets home. of one.

I surprised the Mr with this fitness tracker he wanted.  His heart rate monitor has been on the fritz the past month and I finally got tired of hearing it.  I told him if bitching about his crappy HRM burned calories then he was burning a lot.  HA!  I got one for myself as well and to say I hate it with everything in me is an understatement.  I am going to give it one week (okay, probably today after screwing with it all night) to see if I change my mind before I bash it with authority and send it back.  He can keep his if he wants but I have never had an HRM where you do your workout and you can't even look down and see how many damn calories you burned.  I mean for real?!   That is the most basic of functions and this is supposed to be top of the line!?  Then we're both fairly certain that the calorie count is WAY off and the forums seem to confirm this.  I hate this comes straight from Satan's fiery taint, I tell you.

I was so frustrated by the time I was done dealing with that thing and taking my frustration with it out on anyone in 5 yards...aka The Mr...I didn't have the time or patience to make what I had planned for dinner so I switched it to BBQ chicken, sweet potato and carrots.  It was quite yummy though.

Today is my weekly with the chiro.  Zap me, talk some ball and rake my shins.  $40 please!  It's a crock that insurance doesn't cover anything.  Oh they'd cover for 12 visits if I had spinal issues but dice.  Rat bastard insurance companies.

Sorry, I've got a sprig of holly up my butt today.  I don't mean to be a downer.

What baking is on your list for the season?  Do you make 'to do lists' to help you through the holidays?

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  1. I am feeling the Christmas Crunch now too. Time to get busy getting the house ready for guests, etc. Thanks for the fitness tracker surprise. I am withholding full judgment until I have used it for a full day and 2 workouts. Tomorrow I will have my own answer as to whether it stays or goes.

    1. Sorry it wasn't what it was reported to be. You did a lot of research which just makes me wonder if the cheap $60 ones do the trick just fine. When the bells and whistles don't work as touted, I just feel ripped. Especially after sleeping with it and it claimed I got 7 1/2 hours sleep when that was really just the time I started the sleep timer, not actual sleep. All it showed me is I toss and turn...shocker...not.

  2. It does get overwhelming doesn't it? I try so hard to be organized, like for instance at the family dinner I hosted Sunday night. I made menus, and lists of what to do what day and time, had as much done beforehand as possible and was still running around like crazy at the last minute trying to get everything on the table. It didn't help that daughter-in-law brought two huge cookie sheets of pigs in a blanket (cause her kids won't eat REAL food) that took up my entire oven for the last 10 minutes before we ate. Made it hard to toast the marshmallows on my sweet potatoes and my sister-in-law couldn't heat up her rolls, so we ate them cold. My grandkids are super-picky! I felt like everything else got cold as we waited for those damned pigs to cook. I think I'm done shopping. I wait for lists from people before doing my mostly on-line shopping and my two oldest sons are procrastinators. Well the youngest one is too, but he lives with me, so I have a better idea of what he would like. Now I need to get everything wrapped. The only upcoming dinners for me to host now are Christmas Eve, I just buy soup from various restaurants and make snackie-type food, and of course a big Christmas dinner. The date for Christmas dinner is once again up in the air, which makes it really really tough on me. My youngest son is a railroad engineer, and so we try to find a time for everyone to get together when he can be home. So I have to try to plan a meal without knowing WHEN that meal will be. Last year we didn't celebrate until 12/29, it drove me crazy. Did you watch The Middle last night? Frankie decided it was going to be the Christmas without all the fuss and hoopla. She lounged around without pants on in the weeks before Christmas, eating fudge and watching TV. Of course at the end she stayed up all night to decorate, wrap and bake, because she discovered that Mike never celebrated Christmas as a kid since his Mom had died and that Frankie was the one who had made the holiday special for him. Nice message. So I guess I will stick with the hoopla, but it does kinda get to you sometimes, doesn't it? Hang in there. I bet when the leg gets to feeling better, everything else will seem better as well. Our physical health has much to do with our general mood, doesn't it, and sometimes we don't even realize that.

    1. Um yeah, your DIL broke a MAJOR rule of bringing something to someone's home which is do NOT bring something that needs the oven! I find that picky children are only picky when allowed to be under most circumstances. I had several cousins who were picky eaters at home but when at someone else's house and no choice given, they ate just fine. ;-) As my friend's mom says, "I'm no short order cook, you eat what I make or you don't eat." I know things are different now but only if you let it. I'd tell her the oven is not available so the kids can eat later when it's free. That would bug me too not knowing when to have Christmas dinner. I guess just get the main stuff and then fill in with sides later?

      I don't watch The Middle but yeah, I wouldn't trade the hoopla for a million bucks. It makes you appreciate what the adults in your life did to make Christmas special as a kid and now I just consider it my turn so I might gripe about it but I'll always love it too! :)

      The chiro says I'm healing nicely so no high impact the rest of the year while the connector tendon tries to heal up on the bottom. I just want to be able to do lots of walking when we shoot out of town after the holidays. Speaking of which, I need to look for thermals! :-)

  3. I'm not much of a baker anymore, mainly because the hubs doesn't care for desserts too much other than brownies and cookies on occasion. Back in my "single" days I took cake decorating classes, learned how to make beautiful flowers, and mom (and her job) were my guinea pigs when I would experiment. I was happy with everything I made except one thing and I've never used the ingredient again in Blech. I made a cheesecake that called for a wee bit of coffee and to me it overpowered the entire dessert. I don't like coffee or really even the smell of it, so I'm probably not the best judge in that case. But that was it for if I see a recipe that calls for it, I steer clear of it.

    As for to-do lists, oh yeah, I'm a lister! I have to write lists for just about everything though because I will forget my every day things to do if I don't see it in front of me (aka: pay the mortgage). I get great joy being able to cross things off the list and feel an instant sense of accomplishment, even if there's still 50 more things to do. I'm learning to appreciate those little things and it helps ratchet down the stress a wee bit.


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