Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mall walkers, English rose and Grinch time

Yesterday we had some pretty mild temps so I figured we'd better catch some walks when walking weather presents itself.  This time we thought we'd tackle the local outdoor shopping plaza.  Yes...we were mall walkers.  Anyone remember that craze in the early 90's of the elderly walking malls before the stores opened?

I cannot tell you how nice it was to be among the throngs of people darting in and out of stores with their must purchase gifts knowing I've been done for 6 weeks.  I know that for some people shopping closer to Christmas is half the fun but I am just not built that way.  I need to be able to leave if people start to annoy me.   Which always never happens.

We walked about 2 1/2 miles around the perimeter and then backtracked and hit a few stores.  I did have one gift I wanted to pick up in Anthropologie and since I knew we'd be there, I left my hands feeling like sandpaper.  (Anyone else feel like they could sand an old wooden bench with their hands?)  I love to sample their sassy lotions and oh my Lord I put on their English Rose lotion and couldn't stop sniffing my hands for 4 hours!  Heavenly.  I'm gonna have to wait for a sale because I just can't bring myself to pay $22 for it given the size.  Either that or I'm going to just go there every day and use their sample.  You don't think they'll catch on, do you?  Hee hee.

We came home and I made dinner...spicy orange BBQ mahi burger and potato wedges.

Then it was time to settle in with a cup of decaf tea and two egg nog cookies I budgeted for to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas .  (affiliate link) 

The real version, not that atrocity with Jim Carrey.  I caught a glimpse of it before bed the other night and thought I would have nightmares!

I solidified my final Christmas visit and now I need to get to menu planning/deciding what restaurants to go to if the culinary muse doesn't strike.  Luckily there's a whole slew of restaurants opening in our area so I don't think we'll be at a loss.

We have to really soak in all of this week because from Sunday to Friday, it is going to be crazy cakes around here!  I can't believe in 10 days it's all going to be over.  :-(

Do you ever walk non-conventional places for your workouts?  What is your favorite scent of lotion?

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  1. Love watching the Grinch but it means crunch time for Christmas usually by the time we watch that one. It was interesting walking around the mall though and seeing all the different types of shoppers, including a soldier getting jewelry for his girlfriend/wife and some of those ones that you could just tell were still a bit frantic trying to perhaps catch up with their shopping lists.

    1. Yes it does. I wonder why we always watch that one further into the season? My favorite shopper was the dude in his early 20's with a huge smile on his face texting someone with the teeny Victoria's Secret bag in his hand. When you buy your lady Victoria's Secret, that gift is for you sir.

  2. I went to the mall Saturday with a couple girlfriends. After walking into the food court, I was ready to leave. We must have spent 30 minutes tops there. I love internet shopping, and with Amazon Prime, thats my main go to. As for lotions, I loved the old Rosemilk lotion that you can't find anywhere anymore, and the light and tasty cucumber melon scents.

    1. Me too! Prime more than pays for itself for us and it enables me to be done earlier, not deal with the crowds and I usually find better prices there.

      I wonder if you'd like this lotion. It was a light rose scent. I have one rose lotion that is really good but the smell is a little heavy.

  3. I'll go to one of the dog parks on my lunch hour and walk up and down the long hill repeatedly. It feels good to just be in nature and to watch dogs romp around--and not have to worry about what mine are doing! LOL!

    My favorite lotion scent is anything fruity. Pineapple is my favorite (very difficult to find), then strawberry. Bath and Body Works has something called Black Cherry Merlot that I absolutely love. I haven't tried the lotion as it's new this year, but I did get the antibacterial travel size and get loads of compliments on it at work. I won't get out to the mall this year, but I'll pick the lotion up one of these days.


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