Friday, December 26, 2014

This little pilot light of mine

It didn't wanna shine.

Well, our Christmas was uh...different.

If you follow on Facebook, you know that Christmas Eve Eve our hot water heater decided to die.  Yep.  Right there on the spot, the day before our big Christmas Eve gathering with my mom where I have nothing to do all day but run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I already had some sinus issue where I couldn't smell/taste for the two days prior.  (Thanks a lot sick dude at the Christmas concert.  Note to self:  No more Christmas concerts the week before Christmas)   So I wasn't in the merriest frames of mind to begin with.  Then I notice there isn't hot water when I'm washing my hands.  The Mr checks and says the pilot light is out.  We wait for the scent of gas to dissipate (relying on his sniffer, not mine obviously) and he relights it.  Ten minutes later, it's out again.  Repeat.


We were already thinking it needed to be replaced because there was a ton of sediment knocking around in there that draining and flushing wouldn't remedy and it was driving me insane.  We figured we'd replace it in the new year.  The heater had other plans.  We got seriously screwed by, we'll call them Schmoto Schmooter when we had our last one installed.  It was not built to last, a crappy tank and we paid twice the price than the whole install through Lowe's.  Not fun to realize how much you were previously bent over.

So to thank them for coming out on Christmas Eve, I baked some cookies for the installers (just when I thought I was done!)  When I gave it to the guy, he turned so red because a girl talked to him I thought he was going to rocket out of his skin!

I suppose I should've been more frantic but I guess I felt like the $700 we just got in credit card cash back that was going to go toward pleasure, would now be delegated for this Christmas surprise.  This meant that basically it was only going to bite into our regular budget for over $100.  I'm thankful that money was available to us when an emergency reared its head and instead of feeling bummed and boo hoo-ing, all I could feel was grateful.

I guess that feeling of gratefulness along with the Christmas story is what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.

Now, time for my last two hostess duties and tomorrow I'm just going to lay in bed all day.

How was your Christmas/holiday?

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  1. I got a chuckle out of the title because I have 3 little wooden angels sitting right here in my living room with the "This Little Light of Mine" theme! I am sorry about your water heater going on the fritz - and right in the middle of the holidays. It sounds like you were blessed with how the financial stuff worked out though, so in that regard, the timing was as it was supposed to be. Our water heater went out a few years ago and there was a leak in the basement that just kept getting bigger and bigger until there was nothing but cold water left in the pipes. The hubs and a friend of ours went to Lowe's and took care of it within a couple of hours, for which I was very thankful. I'm a happy Lowe's fan. =o)

    Christmas was wonderful at mom's. She had the whole place decked out and did cookies and appetizers, despite her fatigue. I cooked dinner and we had a lovely day. I got teary with the cards we exchanged, but didn't let the day get maudlin. It was a long day and I can't walk very well today because of my ankle and all I did yesterday. I'll be hobbling up and down the stairs doing laundry, but that's all I have to do, so my back and feet will heal up by the weekend. The hubs and I will exchange presents today (we were too tired yesterday!) LOL


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