Monday, December 15, 2014

Cookies, brunch and almost minus a digit

Twas quite the weekend!

As I mentioned Friday, our friends had to cancel our Saturday gathering because they were both sick as dogs.  I turned around and made plans right away with another friend for a Sunday brunch.  She's a super sweet girl who almost married into the family but that didn't work out.  Thankfully we have kept in touch and get together on occasion.  She mentioned my baking and I decided to bake up her and her boyfriend some non traditional cookies.  I don't know how but I saw a recipe for potato chip cookies and I was totally intrigued.  I decided I had to make some and I'd let her be the guinea pig, we'd eat a few and the rest go to work with the Mr.  I followed this recipe and man, they were GOOD!  If you're a fan of sweet and salty, they are awesome.  I told her they were 'sweet and salty shortbread cookies' because I don't know if people will weird out when they know the ingredients.  So I dipped mine in chocolate and sprinkled a little French fleur de sel I had on hand.  That extra little kick of salt was perfect.

I made quite the spread because she likes my cooking so much.  I made challah egg nog French toast and billionaires bacon.  (Spicy brown sugar bacon)

That was pre-coating them in a little brown sugar.  Yes, I made sure to remove the calories ahead of time.  ;-)

Luckily I bought extra of everything because something told me she might bring her boyfriend this time and I was right.  Just as she was leaving she asked if it was okay to bring him.  He is so nice and we had such a good time.  They also made us feel so old like when they learned our wedding pics were taken on film.  Yep, that's right.  We all had to stand there for 20 minutes while the man used the fire stick and kept the shutter open to get our expressions and hoped the black plague didn't kill anyone in the wedding party while we waited.  HA!

She's a budding photographer and I saw this cute mug with a vintage camera on it so I picked it up for her and when she mentioned my baking, I made 6 different kinds of cookies for them and a packet of my not yet patented perfect cup of hot cocoa.  Here's a sneak peek into one of their boxes of cookies.

The hug I got was worth it.  Might I say those 'Delightful Fudgies' are friggin' awesome?  Just follow my ChocoRolo Cookie recipe but instead of using Rolos use Delightful's peanut butter chocolate chips.  Holy Lord.  I mean they were all good but those were some of our favorites.  We skipped a traditional dinner that night for trying each kind of cookie.  Quality control calories don't count, right?

Oh yeah, if you'd like to know what true horror is, you can do what I did to make me think I'd be losing my 2nd toe...

It was more red than that when I peeled off my compression socks after a day full of baking.  It actually looked like it had cut completely through my toe.  I felt about halfway through the day what felt like my toe knuckle rubbing pretty bad.  I thought it was just rubbing against the material but didn't have time to tend to it.  Finally after 6 hours of this feeling I couldn't take it and pulled off the sock to find somehow one of MY HAIRS off of my head got wrapped around my toe and stuck to the left over Blister Blocker adhesive in there and it had been slowly cutting off the circulation to my toe all day.  I looked in horror and between almost fainting and almost screaming in terror from it looking like it was going to fall off, I had the thought to get peroxide.  "I'll dump peroxide on it and if it bubbles then we'll see if I need stitches and I'll scream to alert the Mr and then faint."  Thankfully there were no bubbles.  It took about 3 hours to return to normal.  And yes, even with stitches in my foot...brunch would've gone on.  I'm that dedicated of a host, y'all!

After they left, we both got hit by a wall of exhaustion and took a 30 minute nap.  I got up and nudged the Mr to get up for a walk around the historic district.  I think we were able to make it another 30 minutes before feeling like we wanted to cut our legs off so I think the walks are working!  The lights were all lit up and it was almost dusk when we were done.

Then it was off to the grocery store to pick up some fruit and veggies.  Then home for dinner and since my sassy Pottery Barn Santa Mugs came 2 days EARLY, we were able to enjoy our Sunday hot cocoa in them whilst watching Home Alone 2!

Yes...I made those snowman marshmallows.  I saw their pricier brother at Williams Sonoma and made some for us and friends.  :-)   I'm the original Christmas nerd, what can I say.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. Man this weekend did fly by so fast. Good weekend though. Lots of good food and some time with friends old and new. Glad the house is nice and clean and if we can manage to keep it managed over the next few weeks we'll save ourselves a lot of wasted time as the time accelerates over the next 10 days.

    So glad your toe is okay. There is nothing worse than hearing "I think I cut my toe off" trust me!

    1. It did fly by SO fast! I can't believe we're 10 days out from the day it'll all be over. I do want to keep the house cleaned over the next week so we can have it all in order and not have to add that back to our plates.

      Yeah, I almost passed out when I saw my foot. The pic doesn't quite show the way it looked immediately upon rescuing it from it's hairy prison but it truly looked like the skin was ragged and cut through all the way around. NOT a fun experience!

  2. I'm glad your toe is ok. Isn't it weird the things that we put up with? Weird rubbing on the feet should not be ignored, yet we all do it.

    Those potato chip cookies look interesting. Maybe I'll try them to put in baskets for Christmas. I really wish I had time before school lets out to bake, so I could take lots in for my co-workers, but this week will be crazy busy for me and next week I don't have work. Maybe I'll freeze some of the dough - but that takes more planning than I usually put into place. hmmm.

    This weekend was house cleaning, grading papers, and baking a couple batches of cookies. One an old favorite "just in case" and the other a new recipe that turned out ok, but was a pain because it was all sticky on the pan until the last batch. I've done your ChocoRolo cookies with mini Reeses so if that's anything like the Delightfuls chips then I can second your opinion.

    1. Yeah. It's weird because it just felt like rubbing not like you'd think basically a wrapped thread cutting off your circulation would feel.

      That dough can't be frozen, it has to be made on the spot because the chips will get soggy. I thought the same thing and did a little digging. You can pre-crush the pecans and chips though so all you have to do is dump them in when you're ready.

      I hate it when you try a new recipe and it doesn't quite turn out and you feel like "well, just wasted all of those ingredients." Mini Reese make anything better! :-)

  3. Your toe episode reminded me of my middle son, when he was a newborn. I always kept my boys in those little sleepers with feet. Since I always have cold feet, I wanted to make sure my baby's tootsies were warm. I'll never forget taking his sleeper off to get him ready for a bath and I was horrified to see threads from the inside of the onesie had wrapped themselves tightly around one of his toes and it was quite an amazing color of blue. I didn't know how to get those threads off without cutting his toe, but somehow I managed and he was okay. I'm glad to hear from you it didn't hurt that much, because I always worried that I had put my infant son through agony since I didn't know of the problem for quite some time. He wasn't fussy though, so it must not have been too painful? It's been about 37 years ago so I guess I should quit feeling guilty about it now.

    1. Oh man, as a mom I can only imagine how horrified you must've been. Don't even tell him that or he might hold it over ya! ;-)

      It was painful only by the time I finally did something about it. I don't think I'll be ignoring anything like that again!

  4. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend for you! Mine consisted of a very good visit with my doctor, a meeting, LOTS of errands, to the point that I was in pain both Saturday and Sunday from the walking--my one ankle just protested like the dickens, but got a lot accomplished so it was worth it. I had emails to write and bills to pay, so took care of that, along with getting all the laundry done--woot! I have a few Christmas letters to write and then I'll be getting those out this week. I should have mailed the majority of them out because they are done and ready to go, but I have it in my head that I need to send them all out together--why, I have no idea. I just have a couple of people that need updates on mom, so I've kind of procrastinated on that for obvious reasons. But I'll get everything out this week. I was really tired all day today but am looking forward to some good sleep tonight as tomorrow should be a relatively easy day, so not as much stress. I must watch my Scorpion show tonight! =o)

    1. Sounds like you had a productive weekend! I do the same where I have multiples to go out and don't need to be sent together but you don't want to make multiple trips. I hope you get some good sleep!

  5. Your TOE!! Oh my goodness...that is just crazy! Glad you didn't go into the holiday one digit less. :-)

    And I hope you know that someday I'm coming across the country to visit, right??? hahaha

    1. I know, right!? I almost passed out upon first gaze!

      Oh dude, I would totally cook awesomeness for you!

  6. Well, foo! I left a long comment and it's lost in cyberspace. :(

    Can't do it over, but just to highlight...

    Happy your toesies are ok! Also, what did you use for the nose on your snowman marshmallows?

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. God's blessings! :)

    1. Aww man, there's nothing worse than crafting the perfect response only to have it eaten alive. :-\

      For the nose, I used orange Wilton melts. You can either use a toothpick or food paint brush to paint them on or you can let it harden up a little like I did and mold them so they're kind of 3Dish!

      Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!


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