Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nursery visit, head math, indifferent kitty and turkey heaven

Yesterday, I had the worst headache most of the day.  Nothing was helping but I had things to do and had to power through the latter part of the day.  So I apologize for not being on top of comments yesterday.

I was working on a Christmas decoration for the wall behind the couch and the finishing touch is a wreath.  Well, I couldn't wait until today to get it so last night before dinner, we headed to the nursery up the street.  We decided on a swag instead of a wreath and when I get it hung, I'll snap a photo and share!

I was in love with the oodles of beautiful poinsettias...

They also had some super cute decorations on one of their trees in the theme of 12 Days of Christmas.

I desperately wanted all twelve but at $6 each they would be $72 total.  Sigh.  WAIT!  I think they're having a 25% off sale right now!!  So it would be $54.  *tapping fingers*  Hmm.  Plus I think there's a $2 off coupon so $52.   But plus tax.  So close to $56.


I must think on this.  My mission is to get them half off and pay $30.  I don't know where I'd put them if I got them so that will prevent me from getting them for more than half off.  If I get them for half off, I shall make a place for them next year.

Welcome to the Mr's world.

As we wandered around, we spied this sight...

I sauntered around to the front for a different view...

Okay so it wasn't that foreboding but you know how cats are...it was totally thinking something along those lines.

I picked up a few things and we came home to the smell of another turkey ready to be dug in to.  I couldn't help myself, for $7.50 I did a rosemary, thyme butter rub under the skin and then I Food Savered (totally a verb) that baby into dinner sized portions to grab at our leisure over the winter.

Okay, we may be having turkey sandwiches for lunch today but then everything else was frozen.

Do you decorate with live wreaths/greens?  Do you do head math to talk yourself in or out of a purchase?

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  1. The projects you are working on that required the nursery visit are going to be great. Why is it that cats are always hanging around places like that anyway? Even the other location for this nursery comes complete with a cat as well.

    And that turkey you just made? BROKE DA MOUTH!!!

    1. I can't wait until they're done. I wish I wasn't on heinous headache day 2. I think it's the pillows and I'm dreading going through pillows to find one that doesn't make it worse before it gets better. GRRRR!!! I don't know why nurseries and antique stores are riddled with felines. I don't think they realize people have allergies. There's that one antique store in uptown that I would never buy from because I've seen pics of their big stinky cat laying all over every item in there.

      That turkey was probably the best I've made in years. Can't wait for lunch!

  2. I love when places have cats, even non-petting cats. It just makes the place seem homey somehow.

    I don't decorate much beyond my tree and a wreath on my door, so nope - no live garlands for me.

    I totally do the head math too though. If I get if for x, I save y, but then I'd need to get z too so then I'll spend = way to much.

    1. I'd prefer petting welcome doggies. They're getting more popular.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who does head math. Well, I do it out loud as an excuse to put down the thing in my hand while the Mr shakes his head.

  3. Hmm you must post a pic. I assume my definition of "swag" is different than the one you're referring to LOL. Yes I can google it, but I'll wait to be surprised. LOL

    1. I have a feeling you'll be woefully disappointed but tune in anyway! LOL

  4. I decorate with live greens some years, depends on what's available. I'm always doing head math, and trying to justify an additional purchase cause I saved so much on my other purchase. Or, I'll buy extra stuff online so I can save on shipping...really I save nothing! Looking forward to seeing the swag!

  5. Money math is the only math I'm good at. I can figure percentages off (or tips) without even having to count on my fingers. But ask me to do any other math and I'm Super Bimbo ("oh no, not MATH!").

    I do Money Math all the time to decide if I deserve a splurge purchase. Most of the time after I Money Math it I realize the deal wasn't as good as I thought (like Target had a buy one get one 60% off on clothes which looked good on the surface but really that's only 30% off each which is really my bare minimum percentage to even start thinking the sale is any good).

  6. I totally do math head all the time! I'll stand in the middle of the grocery store working up numbers (which I suck at) debating whether I should by that can of evaporated milk for 55 cents or drive across town to another store where I saw it on sale for 48 cents. Time, gas, red lights...oh, but for the sale!! When I buy stuff online it takes me a good 15 minutes to go through the numerous coupons sites to determine which coupon is truly the "best". I'll haggle in my head over 2 bucks-- and then I wonder why my head hurts and where the heck the time went!

  7. I've been using my food saver more often to encourage healthy eating even when I'm too tired or hungry to cook. I've been freezing individual portions that I can just pop in the microwave or on the stove and have a healthy, homemade meal in 15 mins. I am having the hardest time finding the resealable bags anywhere but from Foodsaver online where they cost a fortune AND I have to pay shipping. Do you have any good tips on buying the resealable bags? I've been reading your blog for a few years now and also wanted to say Thank you. I enjoy your blog and it has often been just the thing I needed to read at the right time (if that makes sense). :0)

    1. Oh yeah, Food Saver bags are insane. I've used these for almost 10 years...


      It's a two pack and usually lasts me quite a while. Food Saver usually only does pre-cut or 3 packs and I've never had an issue with these at all. For under $9, I'm sold!


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