Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grave error, wonky walk and macaron munch

Howdy do, y'all!

I'm not ashamed to admit I didn't haul my bum outta bed until 10am yesterday!  That's right.  I slept hard too.  I'm paying for it but needed the sleep.  Walking for 90 minutes on up and down terrain at a pretty fast clip was enough to make us both a little sore.  So we got up and had a bowl of cereal with some cut up nana and chia seeds in there and lounged a bit.

The Mr took the movie back, we decided to eat some lunch and get to a belated task.  Our dog and my mom's dog are buried next to each other in a pet cemetery and we always have their Christmas trees on their graves at Thanksgiving.  Time got away from us this year but we made it out and wired some small stuffed animals they would've loved playing with on them and got them looking all purty.  It brings us great comfort to know that not only were they great friends in life but will be next to each other forever.

When we were done there, we decided to go walk the historic district some more to keep on the low impact route this week and next while I heal up.  While it is low impact, those wonky sidewalks are like doing 3 1/2 miles on a balance board.  I wore my granny compression socks so I could reduce any impact on my legs if possible.  Because the patisserie we pass only has gingerbread macarons for the next 2 weeks, we had to stop.

Hey, it's almond flour and egg whites, it's practically healthy right?  HA!  Well, being it's like 2", we didn't feel guilty.  I'm not a macaron girl but that flavor was wonderful, so I'm glad we tried it.

We took the long way home and were bummed to see so many people have gotten lazy and not put up Christmas lights.  I'd say more people don't have any up than do.  It's really sad.

I made dinner when we got home.

Stuffed flounder over thai lime rice and green beans.

We caught up on the DVR a bit and then it was time to watch Scrooged.  (affiliate link) Man I love that movie!

Do you like macarons?  What's your favorite flavor?

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  1. It was so nice to sleep in and I'm glad you were able to get a good nights' sleep for a change too. Yesterday's walk was great. Stayed just warm enough and since we stopped to stretch it wasn't quite as bad getting to the end, although we finished the walk at the right time I think.

    1. We've slept in for the past 3 days! YES! After strength tonight, might need to get a formal stretch in to keep my IT bands limber.

  2. Those macrons intrigue me. Are they like macaroons, in that they have coconut? I don't think so, but I've never had one so don't know for sure. Gingerbread macaron? That sounds simply delicious. I'm going to the Cookie Store today to buy a variety plate for the receptionists at Du's Urologist's Office. It's safer than making cookies myself and having to deal with the temptation. The one thing I really miss at Christmastime is homemade peanut brittle. But if I make it, I will eat the entire batch!

    1. Macarons are different from macaroons. They're a French meringue cookie. If they were macaroons with coconut I'd be walking away far and fast! LOL

  3. I'm not a huge fan of macaroons either, but new flavors are always fun.

    I don't know that people have gotten lazy about lights - I think people are busier than they used to be and Christmas lights are just less of a priority than other life "stuff". Plus the electricity to run a big display (not just a few lights, but not necessarily Griswold style either) can be pricey. In my area the recession really isn't over, and people are saving wherever they can and that includes lights. There are still quite a few nice displays though.

    I'm glad you got a chance to sleep in and catch up on your rest.

    1. There were quite a few flavors but thankfully none of them really appealed to us. We know their flavors are super subtle so something like chocolate doesn't really taste like chocolate but this was a nice light hint of Christmas! Yum!

      I'll skip making one holiday dish for a work gathering to pay for showing my Christmas spirit for a month.

  4. sleep, walk, gingerbread, Scrooged---sounds really good, my favorite things. I know you guys go and pet dogs at pet stores...I always wonder how you can do that..will you ever get one?

    1. Yeah not a bad way to spend a day! :-)

      If we do, it won't be for a LONG time. We pick up and go too much on vacation to try to figure out what to do with it and I just don't have the kind of patience to take one on right now. We're thinking maybe retirement when we've slowed down a little more. I've always done the pet shop thing even when I had dogs so it's no biggie to go in, help socialize them then leave. They're far too expensive to ever be tempting for us. :-)


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