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Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend recap: Tags popped...heartstrings pulled

We vowed to take it a little easier this weekend and we did to a degree.  But that doesn't mean that we didn't have some plans.  "We went'n popped some tags, only had $60 in my pockets..."  Oh, don't even question if we blasted Macklemore on our way to the tag know we did...and continued to sing it while in the homes because we're idgits like that.  We hit up 4 tag sales Saturday morning.  The first two that looked most promising were a bust.  BOO!  The second one was amazing...they had collections of old 1920's toys and such but they were priced as though they were in a consignment shop, not a tag sale.  So many of the items were tempting but hopefully they found a good home.  They had a packed house when we left that morning.  The third sale we hit about 11:45am which is late by true saler standards but they kicked people out of the house 5 minutes later so they could mark everything down by 50%.  Um...yes please!  I found some cool stuff including these for Christmas projects...

The Mr spotted a few cool things too and when we got to the trunk we went through this one box that I was going to throw some of the stuff away and came across these cards...

I opened it up and saw this from the lady's grandson...

"Thank you for the money.  Sorry I took so long.  Love Philip"
I love finding things like that.  I'm such a sentimental dork and it made me tear up.  Before I put them in the recycle pile, I wanted to at least take a pic of them.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Are you sentimental?

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  1. You really got some good deals at that last place. Tags popped successfully! I love that little note from the grandkid. I could have easily written the same thing when I was a kid too. Everyone here should know the lady didn't pass away. She just moved to a nursing home and had to declutter. That makes me feel better about it.

    1. Yeah, I don't think any of the sales we hit up were from the dearly departed so that's good. I always feel weird about that and I always hear someone ask. I love the card from the grandkid too. Funny, I thought of your mom making you do thank you cards as a kid to your grandparents when I saw it. It's a lost art but one I still heavily support.

  2. Oh that reminded me of my grandpa's (mom's dad) last letter to handwriting resembles his...and his is more spidery and Loved his sweet letter to me..when he passed, I treasured that letter more...I was 10 when he passed and my regret was he never got to play monopoly with me again as he promised he would in the letter...

    had a traditional house warming party on Sunday so up early and wore a saree and went to it...was their official photographer:)

  3. Thanks to the Mr. for clarifying about the lady's status. That makes me feel better. Still sad that she had to get rid of her 'stuff.' I dread that day. I save too much stuff that has meaning only to me. Sometimes I wonder what my kids will do when they go through my stuff after I'm gone. I'm sure it will all get thrown out, but I'm going to let them do it, if possible. It would be too hard for me to throw away all those wonderful cards, letters, pictures, etc.!

  4. OMG... I think that thank you card was written by my ex! The hand writting and name are identical to his. I still have the letters he wrote me while we were dating. Somethings we seem to keep forever.

  5. I am very sentimental. I watched this Lifetime movie yesterday called Mother and Child and I bawled like a baby.

  6. Didn't do much this weekend, unfortunately that means making up for it today.

    I'm sentimental about some stuff. The card would have made me happy/sad too.

  7. I love stuff like that. When we look in antique shops I go for the post cards, never have bought any, but love reading the notes penned for loved ones. And yes they bring tears to thine eye.

  8. I am nursing a poor knee, but spent the weekend doing genealogy research on my computer, which I love! I am a big dork over old cards...I have a hard time getting rid of them they're always so sentimental! Glad you had a good weekend.

  9. Aw, so sweet. :) I'm not sentimental at all and even I am feeling a little verklempt. I can't wait to see what fun things you're going to do with those lights!


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