Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cautious optimism, true-ish story and corn

Last night I was a little nervous to do my workout.  We had Turbo Fire 45 scheduled.  This time last week I was doing Powerstrike and my sidekicks were sending shock waves of pain into my ankle muscle.  I had to modify to use my arch as a stabilizer instead of the whole bottom of the foot.

I've been a good girl all week and I've been doing my balance board (affiliate link)  a few times a day over once a day when I was going through physical therapy with the chiro.  I've been doing deep tissue massage a couple of times a week and we've added yoga into the mix once or twice a week.  I was able to do my workout with a low impact modification and not one "zinger" during the whole thing!  I'm not going to rush things and try to throw jumping jacks and higher impact stuff just yet.  I still burned 950 calories though so I'm down with that.

We're going to this antique show this weekend and my goal has been to be able to build my muscles up so I can walk for a few hours on uneven ground without having to leave early.  I'm hoping I'm well on my way.

Last night was movie rental night.  We rented Pain and Gain (affiliate link)  with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson.  That was um, interesting.  I hope this was SOOOO loosely based on a true story that it barely resembles the truth because if people are truly that

Dinner was pork roast quesadilla and an ear of corn.  Gotta get that corn in before the season is over!

Are you building up to a goal?  Rented any interesting movies lately?

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  1. I'm glad you were able to get turbo fire out of the way without the outcome that happened last time. Just keep up with your balance board and exercises and I know you'll get back to where you belong there.

    Boy that movie was something else. Hard to believe that a lot of it is true but I do remember reading about it before and the whole story is rather unbelievable. Hard to say that I recommend the movie to anyone but if you know anything about the real story behind it then it's definitely a movie you should watch for some additional perspective.

    Mmmm. Corn. I can't believe I missed out on that as a kid. My whole family would eat corn on the cob and I never liked it. Now I love it. Just one of those things about being a picky kid I guess.

    1. Of course, as usual, I semi-jinxed myself. My muscles are tight and twitchy today but I'm going to do some massage and hopefully loosen things up.

      Yes, it certainly was. It's like if it wasn't based on something that actually happened, I would've said "what idiot thought this would be a good movie?!" But knowing it was pretty close to what actually happened is what keeps you interested.

      I can't believe it either. You missed out on a lot as a kid that I've helped you see the light on. Corn, meatloaf, fish and even some spicy foods! You've come a long way baby!

  2. I'm with you on getting in the corn before the season ends. I have some just waiting for me tonight. YUM! My little boy doesn't like corn on the cob though, he'll eat it if we cut it off the cob but he's not wild about it. He's missing out, just like you Mr.

    We watched "Ghost Shark" last night. It something I had recorded on SyFy and it was truly awful. But in a campy, mockable way that made it worth watching anyway.

    Good luck with the antique show and walking this weekend.

    1. You just reminded me I want to try to make creamed corn with grilled corn on the cob. It'll be interesting to see if your little guy likes it as he gets older!

      Ghost Shark eh? Sounds...SyFyish! LOL Sometimes you have to watch movies that are campy. It's a moral imperative!

      Thanks! I hope to do some serious financial damage. HA!

  3. I actually am thinking about what I'd like to do in September, as I need to have a goal to get things done, or it just won't happen. My weight loss is starting to stall, so I need a good workout plan!

    Saw Wolverine last night. What can I say about it? Shirtless Jackson. MEOW!

    1. You can do it girl! I hate to word barf this phrase but it is just too true not to..."if you fail to plan, you're planning to fail." Get your plan together and kick it's bootay!

      Wolverine is on our rent list, I think. I haven't heard the greatest things but I think those may be from diehards. Me being a chick and all, Hugh shirtless is about all I need to know! HA!

  4. no goals:(....gud luck with ur walk at the antiques place...

    I saw "hansel and gretel withc hunterS"... i know..i wasnt too bad:d but then i loveeeee "drool" jeremy renner

    1. Thanks mama!

      I just watched him on an SNL rerun. No idea who he is but he does well in the comedy realm!

  5. Linked to your blog via Kevin and Amanda... So happy to have found it. What a great story you have to share! Looking so forward to reading through your posts of encouragement in the journey to healthy living. PS ~ I love quesidillas too. :-)

    1. Hey Kim! So glad you found me and welcome!

      Quesadillas are awesome! :-)


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