Friday, August 30, 2013

Gift Wrap Fail and What I'm Peepin' This Week

I must first start this with a package I received yesterday.  My friend and I's birthdays are a week apart and when we're not able to get together close to our birthdays, we'll ship gifts to either open on our birthdays or wait until we're able to be together if she doesn't want to lug gifts on a big road trip.  I didn't know she was sending anything this year and this is what I got when she sprung for gift wrap...

Now Amazon is awesome 99% of the time but man did they seriously FAIL in the gift wrap department!  I mean can't make the ribbon meet in the center?  It was taped all off kilter like that so somewhere there is a really proud 3 year old that used a roll of tape to assemble my gift.  I sent her pics and told her to forward them to Amazon to demand they refund her gift wrap cost.  The Mr and I busted out laughing and he was like "I could do better than that!" and let me tell you, he's wrapped some doozies!  HA! I sent the pic to my friend to tell her to ask for her money back on the gift wrapping job, she did and they refunded it plus a little more.  Okay, so Amazon is awesome 99.9% of the time.  Their customer service has always been quick to fix any issues so I'm glad she got reimbursed.  We did have one helluva laugh over it though.

Let's move on to...

22 Things You Might Not Know About Hawaii  (We did but you guys might not.)  :-)

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11 Ways to Reuse Your Trash

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Lose Weight Without Dieting  (Am I the only one that thinks of that old Garfield poster "Diet is the word DIE with a T?")

The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After an Exercise Hiatus

Exercising Less May Help Us Lose More Weight 

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This one is courtesy of The Mr

This Video Will Convince You To Ditch Your Cell Phone  (I LOVE this!  I don't use a cell phone and this confirms why!)

Are you a good gift wrapper?  Do you like wrapping gifts?  (I LOVE wrapping gifts!  In case you were wondering!)  Have a great Labor Day weekend all!!

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  1. I really could do a much better job of wrapping a gift over what Amazon did with that one. But Amazon is awesome and did the right thing in the end. I'm glad you said something to your friend too because I know that if I paid extra to get gift wrapping done, I would do that because I expect it would be much better than I could do myself, and the job they did on that was exactly the opposite.

    Just want to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!!

    (I know it's not today, but this is the start of your big birthday weekend, so it's appropriate to start saying that now)

    1. I know you could...well I do remember one particular birthday that it looked like you put the gift at the top of the stairs and rolled it down a wrapping paper runner and taped it! LOL

      Thanks! To clarify for any readers, this isn't a "BIG" birthday so no milestone birthdays. Just another day.

  2. I'll have to do the reading over the weekend, I just don't have time before work. I do enjoy reading through the articles you post though, so I'll make the time.

    I had to laugh at the gift wrap. I'm not sure that I would do much better (let's face, gift bags are one of the best inventions ever) but if that was my job I bet I'd learn quickly to do it better than that.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I have SO many gift bags but I never use them because I love wrapping gifts so much. I have a wedding at the end of next month and I'll FINALLY get to use the wedding gift bag I've had for like 10 years! Of course I'll wrap everything inside. I know, it's a sickness.

  3. Wow, that was truly a gift wrap FAIL. Thank you for sharing - it gave me a good giggle to start of my Friday!

    Tell the Mr. I seriously am coveting the Jurassic Park Legos after seeing that page you linked to. I'd buy the set just to get the little Jeff Goldblum Lego guy, lol!

    1. Dammit, it reply too soon. We said the same thing. Jeff Goldblum rocks. You either love him or hate him and if you love him, rent Pittsburgh if you haven't already. It's VERY Goldblum!

  4. Hilarious! I wonder if Amazon has hired monkeys to do their gift wrapping. A 3-year-old would do a better job.

    1. I think they did. Maybe they were flying monkey rejects from Oz.

  5. I think Amazon must have one-armed monkeys working in their gift wrapping department. But I bet they're adorable. (And OH MAN, I typed that before seeing the comment before mine. Ha ha. Yeah, must be monkeys.)

  6. I'm an acceptable gift wrapper, certainly better than that Amazon employee. (Wonder if they're hiring? :) )

    Wishing you and the Mr a great weekend!

    1. I hope they're hiring now because that person is a disgrace!

      You have a great weekend as well! I'm craving Central BBQ, see if you can do something about that!

  7. I'm a pretty good gift-wrapper, but my mom is uber-creative. She'll make something look like a train and will use the cardboard toilet paper thingy to look like the smokestack with cotton balls coming out the top to look like smoke! Crazy! I gaffawed when I saw that picture! That's A LOT of excess makes me wonder if that particular elf was angry that day. =o)

    1. See, that sounds like me! I don't go quite that far but if I know someone will appreciate a little extra work, I'll totally do it!

      I'd say that was one angry elf. Perhaps Grumpy Dwarf got fired from the diamond mine?

  8. Oh my gosh. That is hilarious.

    I received a gift wrapped package from Amazon one year, and it was gorgeous. They did a Tiffany-style ribbon/bow out of that same pearly-white ribbon, and the wrapping was pearly-mint green. It was wrapped perfectly, as if it had been blessed by Martha Stewart herself. I pictured someone like my mom working the gift wrap area that day.

    I haaaaate wrapping gifts, so I can't laugh too hard. The first couple look nice, but then I get impatient/bored and start throwing things in gift bags full of tissue paper.


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