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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Takin' it easy, bawlfest and a yummy old favorite

Yesterday was a day of babying for my feet.

I had a lot of work to do but I did paperwork to stay off of it as much as possible.  I wore my old granny slippers with arch support around the house and did my stretches.  Our workout was upper body strength on the Total Trainer.  I don't know why but those really seem to zap me the past couple of times we've done it.  It's like our strength stamina is going downhill for some reason even though we do various sessions three times a week.

Cue breakdown...bawling like a baby when my arms finally gave out.

It's pre-Flo week, it's to be expected.   "I enjoy being a girrrrrrl!"

I'm just so damn frustrated because I felt like our weekends have been soooo super active the past 3 weeks and we were talking about how much we love walking longer distances and then this.  He's feeling it too so I guess we'll have to take it easy and not run ourselves ragged every single day from Saturday to Monday.  Enough of that crap.

At least dinner was good.  Lemon pepper alfredo with spicy grilled shrimp.  Man, pasta is such a treat when we have it.  How weird.  It was a pretty regular staple back in the day.  It's not that we purposely cut it out we just don't have it as much.  Same thing happened with pop/soda, we never set out to cut it out of our diet but it just happened.

Welp, time to plan meals for today and tomorrow.  Tonight's workout is Walk Away the Pounds.  The feet should hopefully be down with that and no jumping jacks or anything like that.

What food/drink unintentionally got cut from your diet as you got healthier?

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  1. We will take it easier and get you back on track with your foot. You know I am there for you when the break downs come and I know you're there for me too!

    As for the food I noticed was cut out, we didn't really set out to cut this but after eating clean for a good month or two when we first started out and tasting Taco Bell, I mean, REALLY tasting it, we pretty much stopped going there ever again. I think it was the fakey tasting cheese that made us realize what kind of crap that was and we have avoided it ever since. The only exception would be Hawaii where we tried the kalua pork quesadilla and that one time I had to try the doritos locos taco. Neither would be enough to make me become a regular there again.

  2. Pasta got cut for me, too. I realized I was eating a couple boxes of mac and cheese per week for major calories. I'd rather have zero mac than a tiny portion so. . .bye bye pasta.

    Lunch meat, too. I still eat it a bit but not like I used to. Now it's more of a "junky treat" than a staple.

  3. pasta and white rice got cfut wasnt filling me up anymore...and take out chinese

  4. pre-made foods and take out. I started cooking more at home so i stopped buying cans of soups, frozen meals, and i definitely don't buy bagels for breakfast every morning either.

  5. Unfortunately pasta gets pretty much cut for me. It's a shame because I looooove pasta and could live on the stuff. A proper single portion seems pretty skimpy though and seeing it on the plate always makes me sad. I've pretty much cut out bagels too, but I do buy those bagels thins instead so it's more of a replacement than a removal.

    One thing is that I always used to put a spoonful of hot chocolate mix in my coffee, or use those yummy flavored creamers and those have pretty much been cut. Now I use 1 TBSP of fat free half and half.

  6. I pretty much cut out bread. It wasn't planned, but when a meal is served with bread/rolls I just don't have any. I used to buy a lot of bread...rolls, buns, French loaves, packaged sandwich bread and serve it with our meals. I hardly buy any of that now. Sometimes I do make burgers, but I almost always have mine without a bun. My one treat of the week is our cheesesteaks on Saturday for lunch. I get a small sandwich, no cheese, plenty of green peppers and it's served ON A BUN! It is so delicious. Last Saturday hubby played golf all day, so no cheesesteaks. The Cheesesteak Grill knows me know when I call in our order to pick up, they ask, "The usual?" I still enjoy bread, but really haven't missed it that much in my diet overall. I think it helps that I didn't just make an ultimatum and say, "NO BREAD EVER AGAIN!" That just paves the road to defeat for me. But I am a calorie counter, and bread adds up way too fast!
    P.S. Back when I was getting OH SO CLOSE to my goal weight, I started cutting out ALL the bread, even on my cheesesteak. I would just take the meat out of the bun and eat my cheesesteak sans bread. Even today, if I'm trying to drop a few pounds (as I should be NOW), I will eliminate the bread from my cheesesteak. The dog loves that meat soaked bread!

  7. Flour, anything containing flour. Like the post above, we used to buy a lot of bread: sourdough, wheat, flour tortillas, wheat tortillas, buns, rolls, and they could all be found at our house at any time. Now we hardly get through one before its past its prime.

    Oh, and flavored creamer, now its just half and half or straight cream. It's still good as long as you've got a really good coffee to have it with. I found that I don't miss the sugar and creamer when the coffee is yum enough on its own.

  8. I don't not eat these things but cookies and ice cream are things that just call to me from the pantry. I had to stop buying these items unless they are in single servings, and that is tough to find with both, so just really don't eat either very much. Same with chips of any kind too. I eat them, but I can't have the bag in the house, so I get my fix with a single serving bag.

    I love Walk Away the Pounds, great work outs and easy to modify to make harder or easier!

    Hang in there, you will get back on your feet, literally!!!

  9. I've cut out pasta (for trigger reasons), and certain processed foods that for some reason lost their appeal along the way. Too much salt, and yet not a lot of flavor. Weird, I know.

  10. Don't be too hard on yourself. You were probably just tired and I know some days I can give more during work outs, and others I just can't. I'm feeling very discouraged with my running lately, because the heat and humidity make it seem so much harder.

    I had to give up soda because I was so addicted to it, drinking 5-6 cans of coke a day. Once in a while when we go out I'll get a root beer or something though. But other than that, I don't even usually want it.


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