Friday, March 4, 2011

Inching along

Okay, so 2 months ago I tried on these old school shorts and jeans.  You know the REAL size whatever they are?  Oh, you haven't heard of vanity sizing?  Vanity sizing is this fun little trick the clothing stores started up about 5-10 years ago depending on the store where they resized all of their clothes to go DOWN a size on the tag to make women feel better about their size.  Yep.  I distinctly remember when plus sized catalogs touted their "new sizing."  I was on to their game and I remembered specifically which clothes I kept that fell into the real sizing and the new sizing.  I'm at the size where I can fit into some of the old school clothes and get a true idea of how much I've really lost.

We're redecorating the bedroom so I've been cleaning the closet and decided to torture myself by trying on some clothes that I tried on 2 months ago and was at least 2-3" from fitting.  Now I've lost 2" in 2 months but NOWHERE near my gut or's more like 1/4" here, 1/4" there.  I tried on what I would consider my short term goal shorts in a size 26 that I wore in 2001...I was actually able to fit!!!  I decided to press my luck and try on the pair of 26 jeans that my mom got me one Christmas that were already a size too small and I never got to wear.  They fit too!!  Now don't get me wrong, sitting down in these shorts or jeans would send the button flying off faster than a bullet and someone would likely die if they were in front of me but I don't care about that.  (I mean I care if people die but you know what I mean)  The point is after not having lost any significant inches in the gut area and being down 9 lbs since I tried them on last, somehow 2-3" has disappeared from the right spots that were not my measuring points.  Oh yeah and I tried on the 2 pairs of old school 30's that I was barely able to button 2 months ago (kind of like how the 26's are now) and they were really baggy and will need to be donated.  This weight loss thing is a real kick.  You can feel stuck and in a plateau-ish place yet somehow progress is still being made even if all of the regular tools like the scale and measuring tape are giving you the raspberry.  I have stopped trying to figure out how all of this works but as long as results, whether scale or not, continue to roll in when my self confidence is beginning to dip, then I'm okay with that.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll post weigh in tomorrow.

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  1. YAYAY!!That is awesome! It is really important to have those kinds of things to measure it by because we all know how fickle that damn scale can be. I'm glad you tried them out and that you can see your progress that way.
    Keep up the amazing work

  2. That is truly awesome! I have a pair of old (and I mean before you were born old) jeans in my closet. I remember buying them in 1978 and they are these 'designer' ones (like oscar de la renta or someone who was 'designer' back then) and they have these little silver threads on the pocket stitching (disco, anyone?) My mom saw them when I was cleaning out my closet and even she was like 'are you seriously going to wear these again?' and I said 'no but I am seriously going to FIT in them again'. They are probably, in today's sizing, like an 18 or 20 but back then...yeah...they were like double that! I still probably can't fit one leg into them...but someday...darn it...I will! (And then I'll put on Donna Summer and dance around the living room...and then I'll burn them.)

  3. Yay!! Good for you! Unexpected surprises are the best kind and fitting into something you didn't think you would - just awesome! I'm so glad you're getting some feedback from your body that all that work is accomplishing good stuff. Yip Yip Hooray!


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