Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Workin' the plan

Morning thought:  Why does Fergie have to spell in every song?  Curious.

So yesterday was day 1 of the reduction of calories.  By lunchtime I definitely felt the absence of the peanut butter on my nana because that held me all morning.  So that won't be all the time but this morning I'm having my TJ's Blueberry oatmeal (you know, the one I LOVE that Trader Joe's decided to DISCONTINUE this week!?!?  Seriously, this is 5th thing in 2 visits we've gotten discontinued on us.  We're not going to have a reason to make an extra trip there if they keep doing this so knock it off JOE!!)...where was I?  Oh yeah, oatmeal...so I'm adding my chia seeds to that today which should help hold me over.  Who knew those little green afro pottery sprouts could do so much for you including keep you fuller longer?  But I've planned out my meals through Thursday and it seems I don't really have to try to cut back so I'm hoping this isn't a painful process at all.  If I get that horrific mid-morning gut drop then I'll just have my cut veggies to tide me over.  That was the plan yesterday but I forgot.  Oops.  But for right now, I feel good about the plan.  I'm hoping that this was the direction I was supposed to go.  I mean why does the body have to be so complicated to figure out?  Why can't you get all the number crunching in and it spits out a sheet of paper telling you what you need to change in order to keep losing weight.  But then again, what orifice would the sheet come from?  Never mind.

Sunday we did Atletica by Ilaria Montagnani.  (Affiliate Link) We have a real love/hate relationship with that one.  It is such a butt kicker.  If you've ever wanted to do a cross fit type workout, that is it.  I use 15 lb weights with that one and after 2 of the exercises my form was getting bad so I switched to 10.  I wish I had 12's that would've been perfect but it still kept my heart rate up.  I burned 650 calories in 30 minutes so I'm happy with that.  Last night I did 39 minutes of Hollywood Trainer Cardio Sculpt and burned 535 calories which I'm not happy about.  But it was all light weights.  Tonight is Turbo Fire 55 which should throughly kick my boo-tay.  Dinner is going to be burger and fries.  Huh...wha???  Did she say burger and fries?  Yep.  96% lean beef, 4 oz burger with spinach and those homemade fries I posted about last week.  A few of you said you were going to try those, I hope you liked them!

That's about it for now.  My head is in a better space this week which is nice.  I get my new washer and dryer today which will be nice to actually wash our bedspreads since there's no agitator and has all of these steam options and stuff.  Fancy!  So I've gotta get a move on, get a shower so I can be ready for my 4 hour window.  *rolling eyes*  Hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. OOOO, I'm house sitting and they have the fancy washer and dryer. I had to do some laundry just so I could say I used them. Very nice!

    I'm glad your head is in a better place this week. Maybe last week is just what you needed--a good anger-sadness-frustration combo--to get everything going again.

    I'm gonna head on over to SP to see what's gonna get you kicked off the site ;) I bet cash money it's voted a most popular blog. (Honestly it wouldn't surprise me, and I haven't even read it yet.) Oh, I'm Desdemona924 over on SP if anyone gets the urge to hunt me down. Sometimes I post some recipes on my blog.

  2. Your blog over there sent me over here. I have to get the hang of this Google reader - for some reason I thought it would let me know when you posted a new blog...spoiled I guess.

    Anyway, I don't see anything in your blog that would get you kicked off SP. As usual you laid it on the line and I believe said some things that needed to be said. You have given me a lot to think about.

  3. Just curious...how many calories do you get per day? I'm sure you've thought (and probably tried this), but have you tried INCREASING your calories for a few days....y'know, the whole calorie cycling bit.

    I'm glad your head is in a better place this week (ha, that sounded funny). I'm actually trying to revive my motivation. I've been exercising regularly for the past 2 weeks now....weights AND cardio. I'm not even getting on the scale!

    Anyway, have fun with all your new stuff!!! :o)

  4. I haven't been on SP very much other than to log my workouts and update status. But I've found some other places to log my stuff so I might leave for a while. Those that I keep in contact with either have blogs (like yourself) or are on facebook so I'm okay with not checking in all the time! I think it is just time to move on.

    I love Chai seeds. I use them in my shakes every morning!!! Hope your calorie reduction helps out!!!

    Have a fantastic day!

  5. LMAO on the first line of this...I told my kids that I SWEAR some of these singers must be getting federal grant money for spelling in their songs. As in that if they add spelling, then perhaps they are "teaching" as well as singing. Surely they must otherwise why in the world do they spell all the time!!! And my only other comment is will someone PLEASE tell Rihanna what her name is so she can quit asking "What's my name sha na na, what's my name"?!?

  6. Awesome! I really do hope it helps and I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. Maybe with less stress that will help...

    New washer and dryer, huh? That sounds pretty fancy :)

    Have a good one!

  7. By now you should some clean clothes you are probably putting away - yay!!!

    Glad you are in a better place this week. :)

  8. You are R to the E to the AAAAAAA to the L....Real...

    Sorry, your Fergie reference inspired that. I do hope that you'll continue to blog both places; regardless of the negativity you're feeling at SP. I don't so much that I'm sensing negativity so much as there seem to be some people who blog in these obvious attempts to rack up popular blog posts...that shizz is just annoying and of course, when I find those people, I quickly stop reading their blogs.

    Anyway, while you have a megaton of popular blog posts and are a motivator and all that, I NEVER EVER get the sense that you're righting for the soul purpose of racking up those accolades. It's refreshing and necessary to have voices like yours heard, whether or not you're sharing rainbow happy pills or not.

    I may be rambling and sound slightly off kilter, and I'll blame the 2 *GASP* TWO thai iced teas I had at lunch...for being slightly racey. Much Love Sister-Girl

  9. Hey Mrs. I'm emily-the-good at Sparkpeople.

    I've been thinking about you quite a bit, particularly about how your plateau has been bothering you. My heart goes out to you. I've been there, but without your level of effort. Gut Wrenching.

    I know you are tinkering with your calories a bit. Maybe try some PB2 (ooor check if your Trader Joe's still has Peanut Flour- found with the baking flour not with the peanut butter)

    PB2 (or peanut flour) can be reconstituted with water for a fraction of the calories. The taste isn't exactly the same but it can help satisfy a PB craving (for the peanut flour, you will need a small dash of salt)

    2 tbsp of TJ's dry peanut flour is like 55 calories.

    It's something I picked up at another blog and it has added a lower calorie protein punch when I really needed it.

    Just a thought.


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