Thursday, March 10, 2011

My doc is the best

I have to say while most people loathe going to the gynie for their yearly, I don't mind mine.  My doc is the best.  She makes chit chat whislt feeling ya up and she truly wants to help you with any issues you have.  This is why she is booked almost a year in advance.  She knew I was losing weight and I told her the past 8 months or so I've noticed every other Aunt Flo visit has about a 2 week period of mood swings and flow changes.  She chose a new pill for me based on the amount of estrogen my body is likely making now compared to what it was when I was prescribed the pill (which incidentally is when I was getting toward my higher weight and told her about imbalances I was having then.)  She also made sure it was weight neutral so it wouldn't undo the work I've done.  So I'll give those a go and just another thing that you don't really think about weight loss having an effect on.

She wanted to know all about my plan now, caloric intake, etc.  As she's readying "the contraption" I was telling her how we do kickboxing, HIIT training, strength and low impact aerobics too.  I told her my calorie range and how much I burn during my workouts according to my heart rate monitor.  She stopped and looked at me and said "that is a lot of information to work with"  I told her we had a need to know and even had a bod pod test done so we could see if we were headed in the right direction and she said "THAT is why you're going to keep the weight off.  You're taking this seriously."  I said "I don't know what's making me take it seriously now of all times, I wish I would've taken it this serious when I was younger."  She said "it doesn't matter why you didn't do it then, you're doing it now and that needs to be celebrated."  "I suppose so but I'm having to kick and fight for every pound."  "How much weight have you lost?"  "166 lbs."  "That's no small feat and you need to be proud of that because I'm proud of you" and she hugged me.  I will remember that.  It won't make the pace of the loss these days any less frustrating or defeating at times but she's right.  Like she pointed out, "you lost a normal sized man!"  I said "now I just have to lose a skinny, tall chick and I'll be good to go!"  She laughed and said "you've carried that couple around long enough."

Did I mention she's the best?

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  1. I love it! Especially "you've carried that couple around long enough."
    Of course she is right and I know it won't make those frustrating moments and less frustrating but at least you can remember that and maybe it will take some of the edge off.

  2. I hope so! I told her the next time I see her, I'll have over 200 lbs off and she shook on it. Guess I'd better not go hog wild on vacation! LOL

  3. I hear you on good docs. Whenever I find one I cling to him/her like a barnacle. Kind of like good friends!


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