Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mentally Done- Weigh In

Down 1 lb.  I know, a pound is a pound...blah, blah, blah.  I was so friggin' perfect this week it wasn't funny.  My sodium has never been as on point as it was this week.  I woke up feeling "loose" (read: not bloated, not that I had loose um...never mind.)  But there were lots of changes this week.  An official rest day mid-week instead of two in a row on Friday-Saturday, 3 strength training sessions instead of 2 so I realize my body is going to have to adapt over the next month.  Oh yeah and I am NOT discounting the NSV (non-scale victory) of the shorts/jeans fitting.  It's just so mentally draining.  I mean it'd be different if I had 20 lbs to go but I don't, I have 108 lbs to go to my first weight loss goal of 220 lbs (I can see you all doing the addition in your heads) and 158 lbs to go until I'm in what's considered a "healthy" weight range instead of overweight, obese, etc.  I get crap like a pound here, nothing there.  At this rate, it would take me oh like 3 more years IF my body cooperated.  I've already been doing this 3 years.  So, I'll give it this month to let the extra strength workouts even out and let my bod get used to the "new norm" and then we'll have to look into cutting back on our only sanity, high cal days.  If the hubby thinks I'm a bitch now, wait until you take away or greatly reduce my access to my weekly sweet.  I can feel the hissing starting already!  :-)

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  1. You are still one of the strongest women I've met on Sp. I know that you'll get there if you have to fight every last pound down to do it.

  2. It's ridiculously frustrating. And even more so with the more weight you have to lose.

    Lately, when I think about punning out on my workouts, I think about you and the Mr. and how you haven missed a workout in years. And I get my ass moving.

    With that said, I still get pissed off when I don't see a change in the scale. It's why i'm not weighing the month of March.

    I hope that once your body adjusts, you see the results you want and deserve.


  3. Thanks guys, you're awesome! I'm trying to stay optimistic, it's just so hard when you felt like you were "doing something right" for a year and then along comes this axis of evil saying "nope, I think I'll take half your reward for more effort! Muhahahaha!" It will NOT defeat me. But I might have some hissies! :)

  4. *Big Long Hug* Keep at is girly! If anyone can do this it is you. You are the strongest gal I if your body would just give in already and realize it has met it's match it would be much easier.

  5. I know it's frustrating, I know you're working hard and I know at some point your body will stop fighting you so hard and you'll start really losing again. (At least I sincerely hope that last part is true! 'Cuz the scale was downright nasty to me this week and my body seems to be fighting every change I make. So I'm not only hoping it for you but for me as well.)

    The one thing I do know, above all others, is that it won't get you to quit. And by some strange magic, if you don't quit, then there will be others who also won't quit. Frankly, I feel privileged just to know you. So together we'll keep doing whatever it takes to get there. *Hugs*


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