Monday, March 7, 2011

Alternative Workouts

How do I feel this fine Monday morn?  Like a big dog mistook me for his chew toy, shook me for a good 2 hours in play, dropped me, wee’d on me and left me in the toy pile.  Our alternate workout last night?  Painting the bedroom.  Oh. My. Lord.  Now I remember being sore when we painted the living room but I wasn’t in as good of shape then.   But apparently I am using muscles I rarely use doing this because I am just completely exhausted.  We painted for about 8 hours (not straight) and I decided to strap on the heart rate monitor about 30 minutes in.  I burned 2160 calories!  Yeah, way more than the traditional workout we had planned.  If it didn’t burn that much, I was going to take a break so we could go down and do our strength but given the way my arms feel today I did WAY more strength!  Even the front of my ankles hurt from tippy toeing to reach up at the ceiling stuff.  So the next time you’re doing something out of the ordinary that you aren’t sure is a calorie burner, strap on your heart rate monitor and you might just be surprised!
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