Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's About @&^*ing Time!- Weigh In

4 lbs down this week!!  That's on an Aunt Flo week too!  I cut my calories this week from my usual 2000-2100 to 1800-2000 depending on the day and what workouts were scheduled.  I honestly didn't feel the cut so I don't know what superfluous food I was eating to make sure I was getting enough calories but I don't miss it so that's always a plus.  I know this means next week's scale trip will likely be 1 or none and I'm okay with that since that's how it goes for both of us after a big loss.  I also know this isn't necessarily the end of my plateau, I just have to keep my fingers crossed this is what my body needed to get back into gear and only the next few weeks will tell so I'm cautiously optimistic.

Even better, I can change my icon because I've officially lost over 170 lbs!

Thanks for hanging in with me guys!

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  1. How wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. that's wonderful news! Congratulations!

    I really admire your sticktoitiveness.

  3. Yes! So great to read this! I know how frustrated you've been lately so it's great to see that you've finally got some movement on the scale. A lot of irritation + a lot of diligence + some calorie changes = WOOT!! 170!! Congrats to you girlie!

  4. Thanks guys! It means alot to have your support!

  5. WooHooo!!! Congratulations and high fives all around. I'm so proud of you for hanging in there!!!!

  6. YAY! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! I'm so excited for you!!!!!

  7. Wow you seriously rock! 170 lbs gone and not even missing the calories. Thats amazes me..I seem to miss every little one I don't eat--ah ha there's my problem, lol. Looks like we are moving our house so maybe all that work will assist me in starting the ball rolling again. Had a few decent weeks of dropping and now stuck again.

  8. Looks like I will have to change my name as there is more than 1 Dawn in the world I did NOT know that! Congrats on the well deserved loss.
    Enjoy your day


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