Monday, March 28, 2011


If you stopped by for Saturday's weigh in, you saw I was down 4 lbs!  I am grateful, big time.  I asked for 4 lbs too.  I kept saying "please, please let me lose 4 lbs!"  I shall beg again this week and see what happens.  Oh yeah, I guess I'll keep working the new plan that allowed that to happen...a calorie reduction of anywhere from 200-300 calories depending on what workouts were scheduled.  I know when I have a big loss like that not to expect much on the scale the following week so as long as it's not zero, I'll be happy.  That loss allowed me to go into 170+ lost!  Gotta love that!  I was so excited to change my icon here!  :-)  To celebrate I bought a couple of shirts in 22/24 that are a little more snug than I like to wear them but the Mr assured me they looked better than the 26/28's.  I hope so.  I don't like it.  I think it's time for a body shaper when I wear those to suck in the upper tire a bit. 

I've got a cold which doesn't help things but doesn't hinder too much either.  I'm not one of those incessant whiners who uses being sick as an excuse not to exercise.  I do what I can, as hard as I can knowing I'll do better when I'm feeling 100%.  Still irritating though.  Pffft!

I started my new BC pills yesterday.  Let's hope these magic beans are just the thing to balance my hormones and who knows what else. I wish I had brought this up with my gynie months ago when I first noticed a surge of weirdness.  I know that this month will likely be an adjustment month, I just hope it doesn't screw with my weight.  The doc said it's "weight neutral" and in reading about my old pills, they were not so I'm not expecting miracles but optimistic.  Note how I'm not telling you what it is?  LOL  I don't want to hear horror stories from people and worry myself unnecessarily.  I just want to adjust to it unbiased.

Tonight is hickory naan "pizza."  Too bad I won't be able to taste it.  Boo!  Apparently I made a pretty awesome chicken parmesan panini last night.  10 Grain bread, 4 oz of grilled chicken breast with italian seasoning, 2 tbsp marinara and lite muenster in lieu of parmesan.  What I could taste of it was yummy!  The Mr was thoroughly pleased. 

Hope everyone is ready for a great week!

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  1. Glad things are heading in a better direction! Your food always sounds so yummy too! I tried on of the things you highlighted recently. Chia seeds! Thanks for the info. I love them. I had them on quinoa for lunch. I saw the pic of your shirt on the other site and I thought it looked great! As for the hubby flirting with the sales gal - laugh because when you are goal weight and you walk into a shop and 5 built guys come running to say hi you can say karma hun, but i do love you! LOL

    Hugs for the week!

  2. I LOOOOOVE naan pizza!!!! I need to take a trip to TJs and get the fixins! I thought you looked great in the shirt and can tell that your spare tire is going down a size or two!

  3. That is too funny. I wouldn't tell people either because I would do the same thing. Remember when I got the IUD and I was convinced I was dying and it would make me fat? Oh lord I do. After the first few months and my body finally adjusted to it now I love it. And no period or added weight gain for me. Woohoo! So good luck and I hope it does only fabulous things for you :)

    Oh and another WOOHOO on the weight loss :)

  4. I stick with the shot as far as BC goes. Yeah it could cause weight gain blah blah blah but it beats the alternative~ murder in the 1st caused my PMS, DMS and AMS ;)

    I wish I was as in to cooking as you are...I'm more a cavemanish cook...toss that sucker over the fire til its done and eat it off a stick. No dishes, no clean up and lots of protein :)

  5. My body could never tolerate any of the hormonal forms of BC... One of my happiest days was when I got my tubal scheduled!


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