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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Productive Monday

It was a productive Monday for me.  I started working on some Christmas projects.  

Yeah, you read that right.  I have vowed that December is going to be as stress free as possible so I'm getting a jump on stuff and checking them off of my mental to do list.  My goal is to only have to blog the link posts every Friday.  Fingers crossed, I hope you guys like the projects!  Honestly, I was surprised I could lift my arms to craft because Sunday night's paddle really put the smack down on both of us.  

My shoulder definitely popped out of joint and short of going Riggs on it, I'll just have to hope it works itself out.  Our workout was an upper body bicep/tricep strength session.  I am back to pre-vacation dumbbell weights so I'm happy about that.  

I wish I'd done some prep earlier in the day but I didn't so I had to do a goodly amount of work for dinner...spinach stuffed shells.

After dinner, the Mr played some video games and we caught up on some taped HGTV shows while I did some work.

I know...mind blowing read, isn't it?  Sorry.  :-\

Oops and then I forgot to hit post last night so it's late to boot!  LOL

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  1. Stuffed spinach shells sound yummy. After the stress of the last two years, I don't blame you for trying to get as much done early as you can. You guys are crazy busy from November on so being ahead enough that you can enjoy the season can only help.

  2. The shells were so yummy and I am glad you are getting a jump start on Christmas already!

  3. I love stuffed shells. Yummy! Glad to hear you're working on Christmas projects now because that's going to totally free up your time as you get closer to Christmas. You won't have that stress hanging over you and can truly enjoy your creations. Considering it feels like Memorial Day was just a couple of weeks ago in my mind, Christmas will be here all too soon!


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