Friday, July 15, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #28

I am so ready for the weekend.  Don't know why but, you know...weekend.

Let's jump right into...

10 Myths About Grains -- Totally Busted  (Like, totally)

4 Simple Ways to Prevent a Side Stitch  (That's what that's called?  I always called it "pulling a fat roll!")

Does the Sound of Chewing Piss You Off? Here's Why  ( I wouldn't say it pisses me off more than makes me ragey when my hearing goes supersonic the week before Aunt Flo.  I swear I can hear a flea fart that week.)

9 Things You Need To Know About Varicose And Spider Veins  (Cannot wait to get those bastards lasered.  Thanks a lot paternal genetics and morbid obesity!)

Estrogen Patch in Newly Postmenopausal Women May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk  (Attention to those five to 36 months into menopause!!  Might be something to call your gynie about!)

8 Surprising Things Giving You a Headache  (Well, I'll be a monkey's aunt!)

10 Dusting Hacks That Will Make Your Home Sparkle  (I'm SO doing that blind/tong thing!)

13 Healthy Snacks to Pack for Your Next Road Trip  (Um, where is candy corn??  I mean hello...corn!)

This is How Many Calories You Actually Burn at Your Standing Desk  (This just reminded me I have a standing the a box...covered in dust.  9 calorie an hour fail)

You Asked, We Answered: Why The Olde Pink House is Pink  (That's too funny.  Now I want their seared scallops and biscuits)

Six Truly Iconic American Road Trips  (Cool to know we've done half of them!)

For the Record (PREACH IT GIRL!)

Leslie Jones Turns Heads in Red Gown at Ghostbusters Premiere After Designer Ordeal   (I seriously cried when I saw her.  She looks BEAUTIFUL and of all of the stars, she was by far the best dressed.  Go Leslie!)

19 Pictures That Will Make You Say ‘Me As A Wife’  (13 and 15)

I don't know that we have concrete plans yet for the weekend.  Aunt Flo is here and there's probably going to be chocolate involved.  I thought about a paddling road trip before the heat of the day sets in. But I somehow always end up with a wet butt when I paddle and since cotton rockets are not something I ride, a saggy raft in drawers doesn't sound too appealing either.  But I kind of still want to do it.  I believe that just went into the TMI category.  Eh...nothing you long timers probably haven't read before.  To newcomers...welcome to my brain.

What are y'all into this weekend?

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  1. You've never shied away from sharing how you really feel... I love that about you. TGIF Ya'll!

  2. I think Leslie looked so beautiful!! Hollyweird standards are so pathetic! Great reads - as usual. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I don't blame you for being leery of entering the water right now. =o) But built-in flotation devices are at least a good backup. Snort!

    I went to go visit the Cool Cat today and brought him lunch. His birthday is next month so I'll be bringing him lunch again with some gifts. Have a nice visit, but got caught in a monsoon coming home. And yet it didn't rain a drop here in town. Crazy.

    I don't have anything set planned for the weekend other than a meeting tomorrow morning. One thing I need to do and it just goes right out of my mind is to buy a simple 20x30 rug to go under the microwave cart that's been sitting in the garage for a month. Part of the linoleum is destroyed from the last cabinet by the stove, so I thought putting a rug on the floor would make the cart a little more even (and hide the mess until I can get new flooring, hopefully this winter), but I constantly forget about it. I'll look when I'm at a store, but if they don't have the right size, it goes right out of my head -- until I have to reach into the bin of cereal/plastic wrap/aluminum foil that's sitting in said microwave cart's spot. I have a mental block there apparently, so I really need get this done. I can't park my car in the garage until I do, so you'd think I'd get it done before the first snowfall.

    Enjoy a great weekend with some good weather, at least the next two days!!


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