Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Heal already and still miss him

Good Wednesday to ya's!

When you type out the word Wednesday, do you say Wed-Nes-Day in your head so that you type it out the way it's spelled?  Just me?

Movin' on.

My legs were quite angry with me for the previous night's workout.  I told them go eff themselves in the form of my Stick roller.  I've got my chiro appointment today at 4:15pm and made one for the Mr right after me.  He needs a hit of the laser for his shoulder and heinous plantar fasciitis.  Of course he also needs to do more than randomly roll it over a squishy spiky ball on occasion but I ain't his mama.  I gots mah own foot issues to take care of.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with a different lady at the chiro for a deep tissue massage.  The one that's there most often is kind of wussy on the pressure and doesn't always spend time on the places you tell her to.  Sorry, I wasted money on two sessions with you, not going to do it again.  The other girl specializes in deep tissue massage and sports injuries so I'm hoping she will release the krackens lurking in my legs.

I got on a Christmas craft yesterday and got it mostly shot so now I just need to edit, write it up and do one more this week.  I am trying to do two December posts per week so that in two months I will have it covered.  It does start to seem weird doing Christmas crafts when temps are tippin' towards triple digits and you don't go outside for fear you'll spontaneously combust.  Dreaming of snow keeps me cool...and lots of A/C.

We did Turbo Fire 45 and my heels were not happy with me in the least when I was done.  I tried to do my balance board but any time my heels dipped low in the back, stretching the Achilles tendon, it felt like it was going to snap on the left side.  I know I've only had one treatment but when you're waiting for everything to heal up and still trying to get on with life/exercise, patience is not my strong suit.  We had BBQ chicken black bean quesadilla and Brussels for dinner and we needed to go to Trader Joe's but it hurt for me to even bend down halfway to unload the dishwasher.  The Mr was kind enough to load the dishes and go to TJ's for me to get my yogurt for the week that we forgot over the weekend.  My hero!

We settled in for the night and watched The Crow.  My god, what an amazing movie.  I always get so sad thinking of the immense talent that was Brandon Lee being lost in that film.  So much of his personality is in that character in the sweet, tender moments.  I can't watch it often because I get too emotional just like the day I saw it opening weekend but when I do, it always makes me miss a man I never even met.

Do you have any demon kracken you need released?  What movie still moves you as much as the first time you saw it?

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  1. I totally pronounce Wed-Nes-Day when I'm writing it! LOL

    Speaking of missing folks, I was so sad to hear that Garry Marshall passed away. I adored that man and there's even a quote by him (funny as always) in one of my Al-Anon books. On Mike & Mike on ESPN this morning they were talking about all shows from the 70's and what the tv lineup was like every night, so it was a nice trip down memory lane.

    There are two movies that still with me. Dolores Claiborne (for obvious reasons) and The Dead Poet's Society. That movie was so powerful and on an odd note, the character who committed suicide looked identical to a guy I was engaged to when I very young. Even my mom was freaked out by the eerie resemblance. When I see the movie now, I pick up on things that I've missed in the passed and it just resonates with me.

    Just took the dogs out and I wasn't out there but about 3 minutes and I'm still dripping sweat 10 minutes later. Gah!!!

  2. I also pronounce it the way it is spelled in my head too. Only way to spell Wednesday correctly. I am going on a 4 day weekend road trip, where it is in the high 80's and driving to where it is in the triple digits on purpose. But there will be lots of cold air conditioning and a free private pool when we get there. Yeah, 13 hours one way to go see mom for a weekend, but it needs to be done! :)


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