Friday, July 29, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #30

Happy Friday me lovelies!  (Apparently I speak pirate today)

I think I scared the massage therapist yesterday because I told her I was still sore in 2 places but not too bad and she backed WAY off.  She did stone massage and lots of hot towels and even massage. The hour always flies by too because we just gab away!   I do appreciate it but I really kind of wished she dug in a little more because I did Tae Bo the night before and my legs were giving me the what for.  Note to self:  Never mention soreness again, just let the doc zap any soreness with the laser the following day.  So it was rolling, scraping and shiatsu for me yesterday.  Hopefully the chiro will be able to release some stuff today since the demon is still firmly in place.

But enough about my iss-ews, let's get to...

A Dietitian Explains Why You Need to Ditch the Diet If You Want to Lose Weight  (We're kind of doing this right now)

Researchers Say Eating Chocolate Every Day Can Have Serious Health Benefits  (I literally found this whilst eating my daily 72% square o' chocolate!)

Exercising On an Empty Stomach: The Surprising Benefits  (I can't do morning workouts)

Consumer Reports Highlights Dietary Supplement Dangers   (Skip to the list of ones to avoid toward the end)

18 Things Your Optician Wishes You Knew  (All good things to keep in mind!)

I Drank Only Meal-Replacement Shakes for One Week. Here's What Happened  (Men not following directions.  LOL)

Jennifer Aniston Has Crises of Confidence Too  (She's just like us!)

Is Social Media Changing The Way We Think About Aging?  (Some really interesting observations in this!)

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Beauty Products (but should)  (Very good info especially if you're trying to clean up your beauty routine)

16 Common Household Pests and How to Get Rid of 'Em  (I swear if I see one more fly!!)

9 Tips for Living a (Semi-)Normal Life While Your Home Is Being Shown  (For anyone in the midst of selling or thinking about it soon)

28 New Uses for Things You Were Going to Throw Away  (CoffeeMate lid...mind blown)

This Couple Had The Most Cringe-Worthy Reaction When Their "Trading Spaces" Makeover Went Hilariously Wrong  (I absolutely remember this!)

We've got a road trip planned for the weekend.  I'm hoping the weather isn't going to poo poo our plans.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

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  1. Some good links to dig into there. Happy Friday everybody. I'm looking forward to our road trip!

  2. Some great reads! I remember that Trading Spaces episode too!! Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, the list of supplements was scary as I've heard of quite a few and have even seen them recommended in magazines!

    You'll crack up at my beauty regimen. I use one thing and one thing only on my face after washing it. Solid coconut oil. It looks like lard but liquefies in your hands. I use it on the backs of my arms which have horrendous red bumps and on my face and neck and my skin has never been softer. I have zero acne issues with it and all my lines go away. I'm sure I smell like a tropical drink, but I am absolutely thrilled with what this does to my skin. My makeup is still a work in progress though since I've only been wearing it once or twice a week. Need to buckle down on that. If I can find a good natural eyeliner I'd be thrilled.

    I loved the list of ideas -- Tic Tac boxes for spices - Brilliant! I used to haul a goodly amount of my own stuff up north, but now this idea is fabulous! All the ideas were fantastic.

    Today and tomorrow are chore days to get everything done so I don't have to worry about any of it on Sunday. I just want to go for a long drive and relax that day. It's cloudy out now so I'm taking advantage of it and taking the dogs to the country.

    Have a wonderful road trip!! xoxo


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