Thursday, July 21, 2016

And just like that...

You're back on the injured list.

I was pulled from doing any kind of leg day shenanigans for the foreseeable future.  The chiro said my Achilles tendon is sending me warning shots and if I don't back off, I'm going to rupture it and that's not part of my to do list.  He told me how he treats some people who have done American Ninja Warrior and the one that blows the most Achilles is the warped wall.  You have that hyper-extension of the Achilles on the curve and BOOM!  He didn't say I couldn't do regular cardio but I'm going to be super choosy since he said any repetitive motion leg moves would not be in my best interest right now so probably Walk Away the Pounds and more strength than I can shake a stick at for at least the next week.  When I first went in, he asked how I was doing since the last visit and I said

"you ever seen Dream Warriors?  Nightmare on Elm Street?"
Thinks for a moment and smiles and says "yeah."
"You know that marionette scene?" I reply.  (DO NOT watch that link if you're squeamish!)
"Oh...yeah.  Well we don't want you living in a nightmare!"

He cleared me for today's deep tissue massage with their lady who specializes in it and giggled when I said the other lady didn't dig hard enough for my liking.  "Oh well you won't have that problem with Tonya" he smiled.  Just 10 minutes prior, a guy in the lobby said massages with her were "torture."  Yay?  But I want this feeling of everything lifting upward to go away and I think my IT bands need released in a major way and he doesn't do that kind of thing.  He said she's going to love digging into all of the knots I have.  The Mr shook his head and said I have a high tolerance for pain because sometimes he does it and I cry but tell him to keep going.  I can see past the current pain to the impending relief.  The chiro said this could give a nice push toward healing too and I'm all over that shizz!

We did an upper body Fitness Blender strength session and while I couldn't do duck walk PT, I could do my forward leans so I did what I could handle.  No balance board for me until the tendon stops pulling.  I shot backward twice the other night and it was like being shot with a BB gun in the back of the leg.  Aces.  Dinner was mahi tacos and Brussels before icing the offending foot and getting to work on some other stuff.

Patience isn't my strong suit but I know I have to be super careful and do everything he says.  When a doctor calls one of your legs a mess, you know you'd better follow orders to get it right again.  I scheduled my next appointment for Monday and I want to try to sneak in another that Friday.

Well, I suppose I should go mentally prepare for this deep tissue thing.  I'm hoping for some serious relief but I'm also thinking I'll be sore until, oh...Monday!

Have you had a deep tissue massage?  Any fun injuries to share?

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  1. It's a good time to just focus on rehabbing things and getting back to normalcy. We'll worry about leg days in the future!

  2. I'm way too wimpy for deep tissue. Good luck with yours though, I hope you get the release you so desperately need.

  3. I am not a fan of massage at all, but did have a deep tissue massage once for work and I did not like it. I don't find any of it relaxing at all, so I've never bothered going back. I do know you have to drink a ton of water because of all the toxins being released, and that's supposed to help a lot. The only thing I'd consider getting massaged is my feet.

    I'm so sorry your leg it in such rough shape. Hopefully this chiro, massages, and no straining will make a world of difference in a week or so. I take it that means no paddle boarding for a while either?

  4. I'm sorry! Hubs ruptured his Achilles and it was tough!


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