Thursday, July 28, 2016

Goin' Deep to...

It's Thursday...the day I've been dreading since last Thursday when my new massage therapist informed me that this week she would go deep tissue on me.  Uh, so all of that pain and bruising wasn't from deep tissue massage??  FML.

Oh, I didn't tell you about that, did I?  Well, I really like her.  She's chatty, funny and seems to really enjoy her job.  We were gabbing away as she was working on my right leg (not the problem leg but has problems of it's own) and then she moved on to the left leg.  When someone stops in the middle of a conversation, gets quiet and then says "oh my God" under her breath, you know it's bad.  It was confirmed when she said "this is bad."  Yep.  Something tells me I'm going to be a comparison story for both the doc and the massage lady because they both do everything but pose for a selfie beside the massive volcano of flesh that is the demon knot in my calf.

I went to the chiro Monday and he recoiled slightly at how bad my bruise was from my massage but I've been diligently dry brushing and kneading it with my shiatsu massager to reduce it so it should be totally cleared up today just in time for her to bust a vein for this week.  The difference is I reminded the doc that he wanted to laser me the day after my next massage so I'll go back to laser the pain away tomorrow morning.

My morning routine to get out of bed now takes like 15-20 minutes.

1)  Determine how spasm-y and tight my legs are.
2)  Bargain with God for 3-10 minutes.
3)  Roll arches and tendon attachment on the bottom of the foot with super hard spiky massage ball. (affiliate link) 
4)  Roll arches over hard tennis ball until tendons snap into place.
5)  Dry brush from the ankles up the legs with natural bristle brush  (affiliate link) to get the blood circulating to trouble spots.  (Really helped heal the bruise!)
6)  Use jade slab (affiliate link) to dig into arches and bicep tendon if I slept on it wrong.
7)  Walk and listen to ankles crack on the way to the bathroom.

It makes me feel so young.  It makes me feel like there are songs to be sung!  I believe the song is "When I'm 44?"  Oh...when I'm 64!  Got it.  Even if I feel 25 years older.

I'm trying to be patient.  I told him the bottom of my foot throbbed over the weekend, the spot that was the original problem child.  We could actually FEEL the tendons click as he released them on my calf.  He was like "oh...I saw that one!"  I said "I felt that one!"  He was nice but was kind of like "yeah, so if something feels remotely off, don't assume you're going through an adjustment period, get in here and let's laser it and head it off at the pass."  Sigh...I don't think I could barely get out of bed due to the depression at that time but I bet if I knew this crap was waiting on me I would've!  Live and learn, dope.

So around 9am EDT, pray for me.  :-)

What's your get out of bed routine?

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  1. When I get out of bed I just hobble til I get to that bathroom where I can slowly allow myself to wake up. It isn't until that water from the shower hits me that I am anywhere near coherent and now I've added PT foot exercises to my shower routine so that I can start the day off with some plantar fasciitis reduction. That seems to be the best time to do that for me. Well, that plus after a workout.

  2. For a long time I had to do plant fasciitis stretches in bed before I could stand to get out of bed and put weight on my feet. Now that my feet are better I just get up and stagger to the bathroom. During the summer I lay in bed and try to pretend I'm still sleeping until it gets too hot (which with my east facing bedroom is about 7:30). During the school year I get up when the alarm goes off but I'm not really awake until I'm almost ready for work. Given optimal temps and my natural clock I'd probably go to bed about 2am and get up about 10am everyday - too bad my son and my job aren't on that same schedule.

    Thanks for the TJ's pointers. I'm going to make my list from what you wrote. I think sides are mostly what I'm looking for, I always have chicken in the freezer and just usually need something quick and interesting to go with it.

  3. Random thought for your Mr - when my PF was at it's worst I went to see a chiropractor out of desperation. I was lucky that he also works soft tissue and has a more holistic approach (it actually sounds like he and your guy would get along pretty well). He did some manipulation of my feet, and then pulled out this scrapy thing (almost like a credit card shape but with more rounded edges) lathered my feet in lotion and scraped away. It hurt like the dickens, but he explained that it was breaking up... something. I can't remember - but I do know that was my turning point to healing. I had been struggling for close to a year by then, the stretches and oral steroids my reg doc gave me didn't help and I could barely walk. The new stretches and the scraping procedure followed up at home, along with good supportive shoes/inserts led to me back to foot health.

  4. Oh man I hope it goes well for you today. So very painful and my heart goes out to you. My routine for getting out of bed or just standing up from a sitting position is I have to talk myself into standing up because I know it's going to really hurt. Then I stand up and stay still. My knees snap into place (sometimes they don't and I hate that because as I walk I can feel they are out of joint) and between my knees and ankles the cracking sounds begin. I have plantar fasciitis in at least one foot, but suspect it's starting in the other. So I scrunch a towel with my toes to loosen things up a bit before moving on. Part of my problem is I've been wearing different shoes and switching them up for summer and my feet don't like that. I basically have to live in good arch support running shoes for my feet and knees not to bother me.

    I will say that I've been drinking diluted blackstrap molasses for a couple of weeks now for joint pain/inflammation and I've noticed a dramatic difference in my knees. Once I'm up and about the stiffness I had is gone and I don't feel pain during the day (just from the sit-stand position, that's the tough one). My feet don't seem to have benefited as of yet though.

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