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Friday, July 10, 2015

What I'm reading this week

Welcome to the weekend y'all!  I don't know if health and fitness writers are getting lazy or what but I saw a lot of regurgitated articles this week so unfortunately not a whole lot of that ilk in this week's links.  But that doesn't mean I didn't read some cool stuff so let's just get to...

Why You Should Be Eating Watermelon Seeds, Instead Of Spitting Them Out  (Interesting if you have to follow through to sprout yourself)

9 Secrets Your Car Dealer Doesn't Want You to Know  (My goal in life is to never again step foot in a dealership)

26 Times Celebrity Men Stood Up For Feminism  (I think I'm officially in love with Mark Ruffalo)

This Chart Shows How Much Money You Should Spend On A Home  (It still amazes me how people think what the bank approves them for is what they can afford without looking over their finances)

Bad Things Keep Happening to People Who Do Mud Runs  (Luckily I'll never have to worry about this, especially now)

The Most Common Embarrassing Social Blunders and How to Bounce Back  (Oh man, I remember sending an email about a person to the person I was griping about.  I was able to talk my way out of it since I didn't mention her by name but man there's nothing worse than that flush of adrenaline!)

Airbnb Wants to Help You Buy a House  (I'd love this as a buyer but not so sure as a seller)

The Truth About Swallowing Pool Water Will Gross You Out  (insert barf noise here)

These 5 Home Improvements Make It Harder to Sell Your Home  (Don't know that I agree with #5 but interesting)

Don't twist that Oreo: Cookie gets skinny, 'sophisticated'  ("Sophisticated" my aunt Fannie.  If they put any less cream in there, they need to call it a crisp or a snap.  The current Double Stuff's are the size of the old Oreos.  Don't think we don't notice!)

Childhood Sweethearts Married for 75 Years Die in Each Other's Arms  (Break out the tissues.)

When My Boyfriend Gained Weight I Had To Confront My Own Eating Issues  (Interesting double standard and one that is far more prevalent than we'd like to think.  I don't get all of the backlash when all she did was tell the truth.  But what is society these days if we're not shaming people for having an opinion)

Woman Adopts Dying Dog To Make His Final Days As Happy As Possible   (I wish I could emotionally handle doing something like this)

10 Secret American Beaches That Should Be on Your Bucket List  (Glad I've been to a few of them but more to see!)

These 7 Free Tools Will Save Your Eyes If You Stare at Screens All Day  (I think we're trying the first one to help wind down the peepers at night)

This Game Might Make You Question How Well You See Color  (Apparently, I have 'laser vision!')

Moving Soon? Read These 7 Safety Tips for DIY Moves  (Good tips)

How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Summer Fruit Flies  (I HATE those damn things!)

14 Sneaky Mistakes That Can Decrease Your Home's Value  (It amazes me people commit some of these.  It's like "do you NOT watch HGTV!?")

See How One Blogger Turned Nasty Internet Comments Into a Beautiful Statement  (Brought me to tears.  WTH is WRONG with people!?!!?)

The 30 Most Beautiful Lighthouses in America  (We've been to 6 on this list but they forgot quite a few good ones.  Looks like a road trip or two are in our future)

Johnny Depp Surprises Sick Kids At Hospital Dressed Like Jack Sparrow  (That video is priceless)

I think we're supposed to have one non-rainy day this weekend so I'd like to get out of the house.  Nothing in stone just yet.  I just know I need to relax, it's been an emotionally draining week.  I'll blog about it next week.

What's on your radar for this weekend?

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  1. I definitely have to check out that link for the colors game, it ought to be interesting. Let's hope we get a dry day this weekend because I am looking forward to a good road trip!

    1. Yep but as you know, we'll need to check the weather before we go because the weathermen are ALWAYS wrong. :-\


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