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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Trader Joe's Haul

I had a few readers asking for tips on what we usually buy at Trader Joe's.  While these things aren't on the grocery list every time, they're all lurking in our pantry, fridge or freezer from one trip or another.

Let's jump in.

Excellent peanut butter.  Just peanuts and salt.

I use this on occasion like when we're having chicken tacos or enchiladas or maybe fish tacos depending on my mood.

The General Tsao's is super rare because it has so much sodium but if you are in the mood for a healthier version of take out, this stuff will hit the spot.

This is the Mr's favorite.  He's trying to cut back even though it's only 40 calories but it is a yummy treat especially in the summer.

These are on the regular.  We get three bags every grocery run.  You have to watch it though because sometimes you get a bag where the sprouts look old or are super small.

If you're craving Thanksgiving, TJ's has some yummy turkey breasts to satisfy the itch.

This is an every now and then purchase but when we want a panini or if we want to use one of the middle slices as a crust for homemade pizza, this is the go to.

This is a great cheese for BBQ chicken pizza without a ton of sodium.

I'll occasionally get this for a little kick in our cheese.  Especially good in our egg white omelets.

We get this every trip.  It's nitrate free and 40% less fat.  I'll use one strip and split it between us to crumble on brussels sprouts or one slice if I do an at home breakfast sandwich.

This is a good "topping" cheese blend.  Crumbled on brussels, on mini English muffin pizzas or on the Mr's salad.

A bag of this stuff every time.  Between adding it to salad or veggie burgers and tuna fish sandwiches.  Delish!

A great way to have what feels like a fancy pants side.  I'll microwave them for 2 minutes to get the freeze off and if I'm feeling sassy, I'll wrap a piece of bacon around it, season with garlic powder and fresh black pepper and grill it.  So yummy!

I'm highly irritated they yanked my Parisian Carrots for this stuff but it'll do in a pinch.

Excellent ground turkey and only 120 cals for 4 ounces so even if you had a mondo burger of 8 ounces, it's only 240 cals and like over 50g of protein.

This polenta makes a good "bed" for fish.  Yum!

A quick 25 calorie side that comes in handy when you want an entree with a little more calories but still want to get your veggies in.

Very rare buy because they're on the expensive side but there is nothing better to make a lobster roll than these babies.

Every TJ's run at least one of these goes in our cart.  Super convenient to grab and grill or boil and shred for tacos without dealing with a huge breast.

This is one of the Mr's favorite sides.  I'll do a side with dinner then have 2 servings left and will mix them with eggs the next morning for a breakfast favorite.

Their lite kettle corn is the perfect size for smuggling into the theater so you can still enjoy flavored popcorn without guilt.

This is by far the best chocolate ever.  If we want a square (or two if we have the calories), this is the best stuff out there.  A slightly bitter taste of true dark chocolate since it's over 70% cacao and a nice fruity finish.  Drool!

Every now and again purchase but it is very good so if you like honey with your tea, get this.

These are awesome on pizzas, with tacos, on salads...okay, basically on everything.  But their shelf life once opened isn't too long so be prepared to use them quickly!

Yummy taco shells.  I microwave them for 1 minute before filling them and they have a great deep corn flavor.

This is a great cooking spray for seafood and when I occasionally do french toast, it gives a great crispy texture.

This is the Mr's favorite and it's a must buy every trip.  It smells like apple pie especially if you sprinkle some pecans or other nuts on top as a garnish.

One of my favorite things to pick up though are their cards.  I got 5 cards for the price I'd spend on one medium sized card at Hallmark.  For a buck a piece, you can get a cute card with a sweet sentiment so I always peruse every time I'm there and always have a sympathy card on hand and a few birthday cards for either sex.  Obviously their selection is limited but they do rotate out quite often so there's always something new to see.

So there's our haul from Trader Joe's for those who asked.

I will say don't get too attached to things because they like to discontinue foods for no reason so your favorite could fall victim with no warning!

RIP- Chipotle Cheddar Potato Bites, Chipotle Pepper Hummus, Lime Rice and countless others.

If you shop at Trader Joe's, what are your faves?

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  1. I sure do miss some of those awesome foods TJ's used to have. If only others could have tried them. I still love a lot of their stuff but I have to say there was a peak time to shop TJ's and I am glad we were there for it. I will flat out stop shopping there if they get rid of the pound plus chocolate. That is the best dark chocolate ever!

    1. So do I. I can't imagine those potato bites weren't selling, they always seemed to be when we wanted them. There was a peak for shopping at TJ's and it's sadly passed. If they got rid of the chocolate, chicken and kettle corn, I'd be done.

  2. I don't have a Trader Joe's or even a whole foods anywhere near me, so regular grocery stores for me it is. But they are all incorporating the natural and organic right in the aisle now so finding the better choices is getting easier.

    1. Regular big box stores are getting much better selections in the organic section.

  3. The Organic Vodka Sauce for pasta. I. Am. Addicted. Wonderful with their refrigerated ravioli with different fillings. I also love their trail mix that has dried cherries in it (can't remember the exact name). Neither of these items are low calorie but still delicious.

    1. Ooh, I haven't tried those yet, I'll have to put 'em on the list!

  4. Thanks for the head's-up about the coconut oil spray--I'll have to look for that next time I'm at Trader Joe's.

    1. No prob! I like that it only gives a hint of coconut and if you didn't tell people you used it, they wouldn't know its there.

  5. I don't have a TJ's anywhere close to me. They did open one in Denver, but it's not really close to my folks's house and when I have driven by it on my way to other places there is never any parking. They did not plan well on that score.

    My favorite grocery store is called Sprouts. Every time I visit my folks I make a point of stopping there, and it's the one gift card I ask for at Christmas. They have bulk everything, for a reasonable price, and a huge selection of coffee beans that I love to mix and match. The also have a great meat section and I try to stock up on their in house chicken sausages every time one of my visits coincides with one of their sales.

  6. I <3 Polenta and wish we had a Trader Joe's in Canada! So many awesome delicious things!


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