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Monday, July 13, 2015

From vinegar and piss to paddling bliss

Hey y'all.  I'm back from my early weekend scale tantrum.  Thanks to everyone who comforted me.  I smiled knowing that you guys get it and go with the highs and lows that are my life.  :-)

I will admit, I was in a pissy mood and I struggle with not letting the numbers on the scale when I've worked my proverbial butt off not get to me.  I had already suggested a small road trip to a park to paddle a few days prior.  While I still wanted to do it, I was on the vinegary side.  I went back inside to grab something while the Mr was out in the garage, stopped and said out loud "choose to be happy today."  I got in the car and got the hell over myself.  I wasn't going to let a piece of machinery ruin our day.

We found a spot we'd visited before but never by water and I must say, it was the best paddle we've had yet.  I was a happy girl.

It was fun to explore areas I never knew were there.

The Mr enjoyed getting his paddle on!

I tested the zoom on our new point and shoot.  This was taken from super far away with the zoom at max capacity.

I didn't want to get out because my shoulders were fine due to the glassy conditions but we were both dying from the heat.  The sun was really zapping it out of us.  So we called it a day after about 2 hours on the water.  I got a good burn so I was happy.

Despite wearing sunscreen, I still have a nice little stripe from the HRM on my wrist.

We brought a change of clothes and went into town for lunch and a wee bit of shopping so it was like having two different days in the same one.  It was much needed and I'm glad I pulled the burr out of my butt long enough to enjoy it!  On the way out of town, we passed by some kids with a lemonade stand.  We turned around because we ALWAYS support kids lemonade stands since we both had them as kids.  We got strawberry lemonade and they had snickerdoodles so who could turn those down?  They asked for $2 and we gave them $10 and told them to keep the change.  They all lit up and had big smiles on their faces.  Worth it.

Later we stopped by Target to pick up some school supplies for a school supply drive.  Kind of fun to pick out stuff and I love the smell of crayons.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. That was a great day all around. The lake was awesome and it was great weather. So glad we stopped at the lemonade stand too, that was fun to make their day with a big tip. What a weekend!

  2. It made me smile when I read of you giving the lemonade stand kids $10. That is HAPPY, and I'm so glad you made that choice. We all have choices to make and we should embrace the opportunity to choose instead of fighting it. Some people are not so lucky. My dear friend Nancy lost her battle with cancer Saturday. I am deeply saddened, but her death re-motivates me to get control of the choices I make in my own life. I dedicate RE-losing this weight to her.

  3. Congrats on pulling yourself out of the vinegary pit. Sometimes we have to scold ourselves for being so grumpy and just move on. The paddling looks awesome - thanks for sharing all the photos!

  4. You ROCK...that is all. Love ya girlie!

  5. How funny, I was doing a school drive as well! Backpacks, washable and regular markers, notebooks and crayons were the main items this go around. Other than that we cut the lawn before a storm came through, I had a cleaning at the dentist, and I worked on the kitchen paying all the bills and getting all that dang paper that piles up taken care of. I had super bad episodes with my monthly friend and had to wash clothes and take another shower before we could venture out to do a quick grocery store trip. Logged all my exercise, then enjoyed a good book.

  6. We have been kayaking twice - once on a lake and once on the river. I would definitely love to do more of it. I am not sure I can do the stand up paddle board, but it might be worth a laugh :)

  7. The kayaking sounds fun. Too bad being on the water doesn't protect you from the heat.

    I love school supplies. I probably have a lifetime supply, but I still can never resist. Although seeing the displays go up the first of July saddens me. Fills every parents' heart with joy, and every teachers' with dread.

  8. Good for you for choosing to be happy! That's usually my mantra, but I had a hard time following it this weekend after a similar experience with the scale. :( It really comforted me to see I was not alone! I am getting married in two weeks, I can't exercise because I had knee surgery recently, and it's been so hard to tweak food to make up for the lack of exercise.


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