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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fall Preview

I started getting bombarded with catalogs and emails this past week with those words stamped all over them.  (Hey, it's only 61 days away!)  While paddling (and lower than normal temps) is making summer somewhat bearable for me for once, y'all know Fall is my favorite time of year so I'm going to share what's been catching my eye for the upcoming season.

Let's go to Pottery Barn!

Orange Mercury Glass Pumpkin String Lights

I love the way these look, giving that pumpkin feel but could be used throughout the season especially if you're in a warmer weather climate.  Or you could string them across a mantle for a pretty amber glow.  At almost $40 for 10 lights I'm going to have to wait for a sale but if I can snag them at a good price, I'm going to!

Painted Pumpkin Patch Indoor/Outdoor Lumbar Pillow

I love the hand painted look of this pillow and the fact it's outdoor as well means I might just be able to enjoy it on the lanai!  (Something the rain has kind of robbed us of this summer)

Let's hop over to Grandin Road.

Finley Hill Wreath

I don't know what it is about this wreath but I love it!  I wish I had a huge architecturally stunning front door to hang this on but over the mantel works.

Walnut Grove Garland

If I had a big ol barn party house where I hosted fabulous holiday gatherings, I would have this everywhere.  It just looks like harvest season and you sprinkle some real pumpkins in there and that's one fine looking arrangement!

Time to head to Sur La Table

Nordic Ware Pumpkin Loaf Pan, Bronze Finish

I'm thinking the only way you can improve upon pumpkin bread is by making it in this friggin' ADORABLE loaf pan!!!  Holy crap man, I mean look at the cute pumpkins and leaves on top!  Not only that but you could totally hang that on the wall as a decoration with its bronze finish and when you're ready to bake some's right there!  Definitely want this!

Italian Pumpkin Oval Platter

If I hosted the holidays and I had a big fabulous turkey sliced up, it would go on this platter.  Though it could be cute leaning against a shelf as a decoration too.  Yeah, that's's a decoration and I know this because here's another shot of it...


So there's a little peek of what's coming your way this Fall.

When do you think companies should start giving their Fall previews?

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  1. That wreath would really look great above our mantle. Ugh I can't believe I just said that. I might have to turn in my man card for that.

  2. I love fall decor as much as you do and thanks - now I want it all!! But that loaf pan?!? I die!!!!

    1. I know, right!? That pan shall be MINE yo!! I hope yours too! Hee hee. I like partners in Fall decor crime! ;-)

  3. I love the pumpkin string lights!!! We are buying a house and I'm SO excited to decorate!!!! It's going to be so much fun!!!

    1. I know, those are SO cute! How awesome! Have fun decorating! I felt in love with the velvet pumpkins from Hot Skwash. Fall is an absolutely wonderful time to decorate for. Swoon!

  4. I think the rule is that your Mr. has 24 hours to say something incredibly manly to overcome the wreath comment or he will have to turn in his man card.

    I love the pumpkin lights, but that's pretty pricey. I wonder if I can find something similar cheaper? The loaf pan is cute, but would do me no good at all. No matter how well I spray, breads always stick to the bottom. Torn bread is just a fact of life for me, so the pretty pans would be a total waste.

    As a teacher, I always resent the back to school stuff showing up in the aisles the first week of July. I also resent Christmas stuff being put up before Halloween. I saw Halloween candy in a Walgreens last week and resented that too - I guess I'm an equal opportunity jump the gun hater.

    Aside from craft stores that can carry whatever they want all year 'round because crafters need more time than the rest of us, I think 6 weeks ahead of a holiday should be a fair rule of thumb.

    1. I'm pretty sure a "man sound" will pop out and negate the wreath comment soon.

      I'm sure you can find something similar for less. Target likes to jump on these trends too so you may see them there. (Fingers crossed because I want 'em too!)

  5. I have that loaf pan!!! And it truly does come out like that! I have another one that has two wells which are each pumpkin shaped. That makes and ADORABLE pumpkin when it's baked and you put the one on top of the other. I'll drizzle an orange glaze and I took a spearmint jelly candy and rolled it out to make "leaves". Used a spice cake, but you can use anything. So stinking cute! Love everything you listed. By far my favorite time of year!


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