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Monday, January 5, 2015

White flag, last look at Christmas and whip it good

This weekend started out as slug-like as the past few weeks and ended a little more hurried.

Friday, I waved the white flag and spoke with a doctor about the sinus issue and since there was fatigue and no drainage to speak of for two weeks she agreed it was likely a bacterial sinus issue.  So the Mr went to the pharmacy and I started my 10 day affair with amoxicillin.  So I hope to be feeling better any time now.  There's some improvement but not feeling 100% yet.  The Mr seems to be better for the most part except when he's in our bedroom.  I don't know what it is about that room but we both get so congested when we're in there.  Might be time to wipe down everything in there from the fan blades to the walls.

We had the intent of going out Saturday but my exhaustion got the better of me and my "little nap" turned into a two hour one.  That seemed to be par for the course with this delightful sickness.  I'd get up and about 2-3 hours after I got up, I would feel like I hit a wall then be out for two hours.  We were up really late (like 2am) and then sleep until 10am.  We've got to get back into a normal routine this week, no exceptions.

On all fronts.

We ate like crap too because cooking was just not on the agenda.  It's no excuse.  Sunday we got up so late that we didn't have anything in the house to eat so we used a Wendy's gift card my mom got us.  I don't remember the last time we went to Wendy's but nice to see that when you ask for fries with no salt they still salt them anyway.  Jerks.  So I got a spicy chicken plain, small fry and small frosty.  I wish I could've tasted it all.  Grrr.

I'm just over not being able to smell/taste.  It's been two weeks now.  It's slightly better than it was but probably at 50% capacity.

The Mr took down the Christmas lights outside yesterday.  Always sad to see them come down but it was the warmest day of this week and we wanted to get them down so our idiot child vandals weren't tempted by the decorations as they start back to school today.  They need to make mini Christmas trees that can deliver an electric shock to deter tomfoolery.

We also went through our 6' stack of laundry and put that away.  I told the Mr after every load it comes upstairs to be put away.  New rule.  We'll see how long that lasts since resolutions aren't really our thing.  I give it...well, yesterday.

A favorite vintage store of mine is closing so we went down to say goodbye and my Lord the store was already stripped bare!  I got a few cards, a small pinkish vase for Valentines Day/Spring and another birch tube because I don't know where the heck I'll get them from now on.  It kind of sucks because the owner didn't even come in this weekend so people could say goodbye to her and her family who have been part of the community for well over a decade.  I can understand if it's hard to say goodbye but I felt kind of cheated.  We talked to some friends who own a store in the area and then had to do our walking.

Because we spent so long visiting, walking the historic district was out since it was dark so we decided to walk the outdoor shopping plaza.  It was closing time so there weren't many people around but quite a breeze blowing through the streets.  There were flurries too, which was nice since we haven't had any since Thanksgiving.  I soaked in the Christmas decorations because I know they'll be going away soon.

I wish I didn't feel so cheated out of this Christmas season but between doing busy work, visiting and then getting so sick, I felt like there was no time to breathe until it was over.  Then it was like "wait!  I need more time!"  Tomorrow is the epiphany (when the three wise men visited baby Jesus)

So glad to see this shopping plaza still puts up a nativity.  Though I do feel like maybe the angel shopped at Loft before heading to the manger.

and I know that will mean that the holiday music station will stop playing the Christmas music...and I'll probably cry.  I cry under normal circumstances but given I feel a little robbed this year, I think I'll be a bigger mess than usual.  Dork.

The highlight of the weekend though was as we were checking out of the grocery store and the cashiers and baggers were doing a dance and the Mr was like "is that 'the Whip?'"  The look on the dude's face was hilarious and he laughed and got the baggers attention and said "did you hear that?" and pointed to him and he repeated it to her and they busted out laughing.  He said "not bad for a 42 year old man!"  I wish I had that on tape recorded.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. I wouldn't have recognized the "whip" if not for some sports blogs I frequent but it was a pretty funny thing to see the look on that kids face when I said that. I am hoping today is the day you really start to feel better!

    1. Its always good to keep up with the kids if for no other reason than to see the look of shock on their faces. Sadly I guess we've visually hit the age where we look like we wouldn't know such things. Yay.

      If I could get some sleep, it'd help. EVERY time we try to go to bed earlier, I get the worst nights sleep ever.

  2. I hope the anti-biotics help quickly. I love modern medicine! I went to my folks' Thursday and came home Saturday morning. I had a medical appointment on Friday that was scary, but everything turned out ok. Then I spent the rest of the weekend in whirlwind mode trying to get ready for work today. My Mr. has a stomach bug so that means the boy and I will probably get it too, I'm definitely looking forward to that one.

    I always think it's funny when kids think they invented something that I remember doing as a kid, and that my parent probably did when they were kids.

    1. I hope so too! I'm glad whatever the medical appt was turned out okay. Hopefully you guys won't get what the hubby has!!

      Yeah, the whip looks like a modified version of some driving motion, the sprinkler and the urination dance when you're standing outside the only occupied bathroom in the house.

  3. My 17 year old and I are ate up with the head cold/sinus thing at home and my husband and his entire ships crew has it, too. Tis the season to be .... you get my point. I sure hope your meds kick in quickly and that health reigns in your home!

    1. Ugh, it SUCKS doesn't it!? It seemed like everyone was sick over Christmas. Usually we wear air purifiers to ward off the one sick person at a family gathering. This year, we wore them so as not to infect others and I think only 2 people were well. We need hazmat suits!! Feel better soon!

  4. Sleep, oh evasive sleep. I haven't had a decent night's rest in almost two weeks and it's really ticking me off. Nothing I do is helping and then I just think, "tick tock" until 4am when I have to get up. Grrrrr.... A bloody nose doesn't help either which I can't seem to get rid of.

    I had a very productive day on Saturday and got half the office cleaned and three legitimate bags of crap to throw out, plus a wonderful bag of shredding. Boy did that feel good! After a few hours I stopped and moved on to a couple of other things. I'll tackle it again on the weekend (I do so much better with chores like that in the mornings). The part I can see when I walk into the hallway from the bedroom shows a perfectly clean computer desk with nary a pen or paperclip in sight. It makes me smile every time. Then I look into the spare room and run for the hills! LOL Baby steps.... I grocery shopped and got some letters out on Sunday, so that felt good to cross off my list. And we dealt with snow, ice, and more snow. Yech.


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