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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


As if on cue, after I declared myself basically a survivor of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, I've had a pretty major setback.  My muscles and ankle are starting to shoot pain into my legs and that is no bueno.  As I look back over the past 2-3 weeks, we (I) have been running ourselves ragged on the weekends.  I mean a LOT of walking on really hard surfaces and doing some projects that have me in positions I'm not used to.  (Nothing weird just contorted.  You know what I mean!)  Like a jackass, I wore some flip flops for a few days while doing projects and even though they had a little more contour than just your flat ones with no support, they royally screwed me up.  Note to self:  don't wear them again...ever.  Unless you go to the trouble to put the inserts in them but then you'll look like a dork.

My workout, while a 1000 calorie burner, was full of a few zingers and a follow up of the Mr having to yank my ankles to decompress them.  I haven't had those in quite a few months and they are not a welcome visitor.  I must take care and then see if in a few weeks I've improved or if a visit to Dr. B is in order.

I did my little tennis ball roll on my feet and they screamed with pain and relief and iced my feet.  I did my old PT exercises in lieu of the balance board and I'll get back to my old routine that helped me in the first place.  It's probably time to break out my old inserts as well to re-train my muscles.  Good God man, just when you think you have something kicked in the butt...

Have you had a seemingly healed injury rear its ugly head just when you were getting your mojo back?

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  1. I am so sorry that you have hit a setback. I felt so bad for you when I could see you were struggling, yet you soldiered on with the workout keeping it as easy as you could on your foot. Getting back into the routine of therapy is the right course of action and we can cut back on some of the walking for a bit too because my legs could use a rest as well.

  2. uh-oh feel better Anele..that sucks..

    i had a roller derby injury 2010 on my tail bone..went through physical therapy and everything and was much better..

    then 6months back I started training for a 10k and all that hard running messed up my decided to not pursue running and feeling better but was down for a month..:(

  3. Yes going through it knees are KILLING me! I could barely walk a mile and a half last night then they ahead all night. So discouraging. Progress, setbacks,,,annoying as hell!!!!!!!

  4. So sorry the pain is back!

    I keep pushing my pickleball knee too far with lunges and paying the price. Your post serves to remind me, as I head out to the gym, to use condescend to use the lighter weights for the split squats.

  5. I'm sorry this is happening again. :( Hopefully it will be feeling better soon. I think I did something to my hand kayaking the other day. It's like my hand is cramped up and I've lost strength in it. It's very annoying and I am wondering at what point I should go to a Dr. I hate going to the Dr.

  6. Yes. I have recurring plantar fasciitis that is just a pain (literally and figuratively). It doesn't bother me much during the day so I can walk and do other workouts, but know that I'll pay for it at night makes it hard.

  7. I tweaked my shoulder yesterday, I'm thinking it's just a small thing. I've been very lucky through the years to avoid injury and illness.

    My poor 14-year old broke his foot (JoneFracture) right was basketball season was starting. He was crushed, as it's a super slow healing break. He was in a walking book for over three months, and then still couldn't play for a few weeks after. When he finally got the go ahead to play again ... HE BROKE HIS FOOT! The other one this time, JonesFracture AGAIN! My poor poor baby! He has finally recovered and had a fun summer, although he tweaked his back a couple weeks ago and it's doesn't seem to be going away ...

  8. I have a back injury that keeps flaring up. It's SO ANNOYING. I definitely get this post. Hope you feel better!

  9. I'm dealing with a knee problem that literally stops me in my tracks. It's the back of left knee and feels like all the tendons and ligaments have been shredded. When I stand up, I have to stand there for about 30 seconds before I can bear any weight on it...then it feels like my leg will collapse for the first couple of steps. I couldn't get out of the car last night and the hubs had to help me out and in through the garage. Ice, heat, ice, heat....bah. My right knee is the one from the car accident that I still can't feel a part of, and now the left is on its last legs (punny). This ought to look good for my interview....

  10. That is just no bueno, like you said! Hope you heal back up quicker than quick!

  11. Oh no. :( It always figures that when you say, "Hey, I'm better!" suddenly things start acting up again. But it sounds like this will only be a minor setback!


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