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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Death by Lycra

Um yeah.  So I got my tank top shaper thingy yesterday.  I almost noosed myself with it trying to get it over my shoulders.  Why?  Because ol' walnut brain here ordered the size I wear.  Apparently a big big no no!  You are supposed to order 2 sizes up which I would've known if I had bothered reading the reviews before ordering.  So instead of sending it back I'm going to keep it for when I got down 2 sizes (aka-2 years from now at this rate!) and I ordered another sucker top so that I can tame the middle roll for special occasions.  I have to say it was pretty freakin' comical though to watch the attempt.  I'm pretty sure I burned 50 calories from both attempts...bonus!

So there's your tip for the week kiddies, if you're going to buy shapewear of the lycra/spandex kind then make sure you buy 2 sizes up or you're going to have a fabric rubber band shoved in the back of the dresser drawers!  I'd say another week to 10 days before I can review it and show pics.

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  1. I love this post and the main reason is because "been there... done that"... I can visualize it all now.
    I've had to ask for help getting the shirts off :)

  2. Yeah, I just got a new sports bra in the mail... same thing happened. Got it halfway on and couldn't get it off. Had to ask hubby for help, awesome! Back of the drawer until I lose another 30lbs! Live and learn!

  3. You can be glad you were at home. I had a similar experience with an over the head style sports bra IN THE DRESSING ROOM!

    I was so sweaty and flushed when I came out I bet people wondered if I had someone in there with me!

    (tip for you, UnderArmor runs VERY small--if you have actual breasts do not attempt to wear their over the head style bras)

  4. Thanks for the visual! That made my day!

  5. That is one reason I love Spanx. It is like pantyhose; you can order by weight and height.

  6. Good to know, and a new option for a little extra cardio.

  7. Bwahahahaha - can't tell you how many times I have gotten somewhat "stuck" in clothes. Like recently I tried on a sports bra at Target and I was seriously getting concerned that I was either going to have to pull my shirt on over it and let it hang like a muumuu or call for help from my cell phone! I was scuuuurrred for reelz!

    But after much grunting, pulling, sweating and everything else I finally got it off and heaved a huge sigh of relief. And um, my note to self ain't THAT thin yet so get ovah yourself! And seriously, I should have known I was in trouble the moment I put it on and all my fat squished out so it looked like I had a couple tumors under each armpit!


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