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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living like a Steel Magnolia

Is there a chick on the planet who hasn’t seen Steel Magnolias?  If not, rent it like…now.  As I watch it as an adult, I realize it’s more a string of one liners than a script but I still quote it 20 some years later.  Just like the other day when I was trying on this one skirt (I don’t do skirts with these hammy legs but it was cankle length) and I busted out laughing and told the Mr, “remember in Steel Magnolias when they say that chick dancing looks like 2 pigs fighting under a blanket?...” and pointed to my butt.  It was awful. 

I bought these shirts a few weeks ago and I have to say, I just LOATHE my “upper tire”.  You know that extra gut between your boobs and your real gut?  I’m starting to get an hourglass figure but that damn upper tire thwarts the look of almost every top I wear.  I try to wear a more girlie cut in shirt instead of the big boxy tees I used to think I was hiding under.  Trust me y’all, you’re fooling no one and you end up adding a good 10-20 lbs if you wear a dude t-shirt because you’re trying to cover all of your jiggly bits.  I am really stubborn on some things and one of them has always been wearing a shaper.  I felt like it was cheating; like if your body was lumpy and unflattering you should expect not to look good in an outfit until you weighed less.  Then I realized more and more I’ve been hearing perfectly thin, gorgeous size 0-4 women admitting to Spanx in order to make them look great on the red carpet or even just appearing on a talk show/every day outings.  It harkened me back to the line in Steel Magnolias where Truvy says “I haven't left the house without Lycra on these thighs since I was 14.”  Well if this is practiced by everyone from heavy to curvy to skinny gals, why the heck am I suffering a lumpy look and feeling all self conscious!?

I thought it might be time to get a tank top like upper body shaper.  The key is finding one in my size that doesn’t cost your mortgage. I used a coupon code so I got $11 off, woot!  I’m not looking to hide my imperfections because I’m in denial (which is kind of what I thought people who wore these were doing) but to look better which will make me feel better and maybe walk a little taller until I can have that look without spandex.  Any clothing pics for this or any other website will always be taken without the aid of these babies of course but when I want to feel good about myself at a nice dinner or an event, I think I’m going to slide into that bad boy and choose to forego the self consciousness.  What a novel idea!?
How about you…do you wear a shaper of any kind?  Do you think it makes a difference in how you feel about yourself?

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  1. I love that movie!!! I'm always quoting one liners from movies! I had heard the same thing about models using spanx! Hmmmm.....

  2. I've actually never seen the movie *hangs head in shame* If I promise to rent it soon can I keep my membership to girl nation?

    I haven't ever worn a shaper, but I've thought about it. I'd be interested in hearing what you think. Pics with and without in the same shirt would be great too if you're willing to share.

  3. I have a few tanks like the ones you bought (without the bra type top) and wear them fairly often. A friend of mine asked why in the world I would even have them. I have rolls still too and until they are all gone and my tummy is flat I'm gonna wear them when I want to look good. These are new to me in the last year or so but I love them. Can't wait to hear what you think of it

    Oh and I love Steel Magnolias too :) I think all girls do need to watch it.

  4. I will have to go rent that movie again.

  5. Thanks for the movie tip! I haven't seen the film yet either but it's on the list now!

    I have a spandex seamless body (was really cheap too, only 8€!) that I wear under skin-tight dresses or low pants (to get rid of those love handles). It does make me feel more confident and don't have to spend the entire evening worrying about any fatrolls showing.

  6. Long time reader of yours and the Mr.. My first comment. :)

    You should take a look at these. I have bought several shapers and these are by far my favorite.

  7. I *do* wear a shaper, because I, too, know what it's like to have an extra tire around the mid-section.

    The one that I wear is more like a girddle (maybe) and has clasps in the front and only goes around the mid-section. There are wires inside of it going vertically to help it retain its shape.

    I'm not a big fan of Spanx or anything pantyhose like because (TMI ALERT), sometimes, I'll sweat and it gets trapped and then I get boils (like on my legs). I've never had that problem with the one I wear now.

    I LOVE Steal Magnolias. Love it to death so hard. Love Ouisa.

  8. I have worn a Spanks like product, just a store brand version, at my highest weight all the way down to my current weight of 148 lbs. No matter how much weight I seem to lose my thighs still rub together, so I will wear a shaper under any kind of dress clothes. And I do find it helps me feel better about myself. I find I'm more relaxed because I am less worried about my lumps and bumps. I can focus on the elements that I want to showcase and not worry about the elements that I want to hide.

    Even though I have a normal BMI, fit, and healthy, I am no where near fantastically toned all over my body. Lumps, bumps, and muffin tops can happen at any size. There are still bulges that can show, and even be highlighted, depending on the cut, colour, and fabric of the clothes being worn. Shapers just happen to help smooth out those imperfections and if they are good, no one would ever know they are being worn.

  9. Haven't watched it in YEARS, should watch it again soon...good movie. I wore a slip type shaper at my wedding. I HATE boobs 3 and 4, they just don't belong...I'll have to check out that type of shaper. :)


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