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Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Travel Necessities

We have been traveling for years and this includes being at close to my highest weight. I want to say I was about 440 lbs 2 different times I went to Hawaii...once before I started doing something about it, gained weight and then again when I'd lost 47 lbs and was about that weight when I went back. It's hard going to a place known for its beaches and just being out and active and not feeling like I could participate in that but I didn't let that stop us from going. I see far too many people putting off vacations or trips to visit family because they're afraid to fly at their current weight. We're not promised tomorrow with our families so if there is a trip to be made and the money is available, make it. We pay for first class but we know not everyone can do that. If you're worried about the 2 seat thing in coach, reserve them for your peace of mind and then you make sure you're there EARLY to avoid any problems.

I'm in the throes of planning a vacation coming up and it got me thinking about the things I consider my absolute travel necessities.  My Airplane Seat Belt Extender  I've still probably got at least til the end of the year before I could even entertain the idea of not using one and I sure as heck wasn't going to hope they had an extender for both of us so we bought one for each of us.  It has brought us tremendous peace of mind until we are able to get rid of them for good.  There are different kinds for different airlines but the A style fits ones like Delta, United, etc.  Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder...LOVE these!  Your skivvies aren't hangin' out if they have to go through your luggage and everything is just ready to grab.  TSA Travel Lock  This way they can unlock your luggage and not have to cut it off.  Disposable Luggage Locks...for the times when they cut them off anyway and you don't want to buy a new lock on vacation or if you have to end up checking a carry on and want to keep it secure.  Personal Air Purifier...I used to get sick EVERY SINGLE time I traveled in airports.  Ever since I got this, I've never had a cold on vacation and trust me they're miserable when you're in hot places.  Over-the-Door Hamper This is a lifesaver because we always rent homes with a washer and dryer and it keeps it all in one spot and off the floor in case critters try to invade your stuff.  A Hanging Travel Organizer. We would be absolutely lost without this. We bring all of our toiletries, brushes and little things we don't think we'll need but end up needing anyway and the zip pockets keep any potential explosions from leaking. (Always take out 1/4 of the product like shampoo to give room for air expansion while flying or it could get ugly!) Finally, a First Aid Kit.  I always travel with it whether in the car or on a plane trip because every single time we've ended up needing something out of it!  Those are the main things I absolutely have to travel with to keep me feeling organized and stress free.

What kind of things do you need when you travel?

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  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know what a seasoned traveler like you must have. I don't travel as often but I sure want to start.

    Can't wait to hear about your guys' next getaway :)

  2. Awesome, awesome tips!!! :-) I always seem to pack pretty much the entire house "just in case"...LOL And my must-haves are usually so frivolous in iPod - definite must! hahahaha

  3. A trick I got from my dad (he travels ALL the time) was to just use those little zip tie thingies instead of luggage locks. They're cheap, fairly secure, and no one gets hurt feelings when TSA breaks them. He packs a bundle and a pair of fingernail clippers in his carry on. I love that folder thing, and I'm another member of the first aid kit club.
    I always have to have a book and a back up book, and usually a back up to the back up...
    I over pack like crazy, what I really need is a packing guru to do for me.

  4. Thank you very much for this post! One of the things holding me back from traveling where I want to is the whole fear of flying thing you mentioned. I am terrified of getting on the plane and being sent home b/c I wouldn't fit. Reading this was beyond reassuring and I thank you! <3

  5. I'm picking up the air purifier, stat. I've got travel coming up for work, Alaska, California and OMG HAWAII (first time, been with the company 4 years...bout time I met all my HI employees!!)...but back to the point. I always, always, always bring my neck pillow. I have chronic c-spine issues, so this is a must have on de plane and sometimes where I stay, because good pillows are hard to find!

  6. My husband and I used to fly first class. Now we buy the middle seat in the front sections on Jet Blue. It costs less than first, and waaay much more room! I had to fly first last week and what a bummer. I missed the Jet Blue, extra middle seat. Even when I fly alone, I buy the middle seat. No one thinks twice about it. (I fly every two months to Boston so I had to find a way to make it comfortable.)


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