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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A conversation with myself- Weigh In

I don't know why I bother calling them weigh in's anymore because my weight isn't changing.  (Oh that's right except when it went UP 2 weeks ago for no good reason and I guess if you want to get technical I'm down .8 lbs because last week was 319.8 but I only count the whole number)  So I'm going to do a little talking outloud here...bear with me.

The two weeks I lost big were weeks when I cut my calories to 1800-1900.  Then nothing.  The problem with that is I'm not hitting my SP recommended calories which is 1990-2350 so my thought process on that is that the 2 big losses I had were kind of my body freaking out (in a good way) but now it would like to go back to recommended ranges please.  I will try that this week and hope for the best.

This is also Aunt Flo's first visit on the new pills.  I don't know how my body reacts to those pills yet on that week.  I can only wait and see as I adjust to the new norm.  I can tell you my emotions, at least so far, are much more even which is a plus.  The cramps are worse which I'm not a fan of but that could improve the longer I'm on it so I basically have a learning curve of about another 3 months before I can get into prediction mode with this version. 

High cal days.  We've both acknowledged those are getting a little buck wild so we're going to come up with a guideline to follow from this point on about how much we can have calorie wise and pre-plan instead of having that be the only day we don't.  Up the water and fiber that day, big time. 

My body would like some props.  I'm thinking the gain was my body's way of saying "ahem, this is a milestone and you have failed to acknowledge it so I'm going to hang on until you do."  319 was what I weighed on my wedding day.  Now many people aspire to get back down to their wedding weight but I'm pretty sure 319 isn't that number for most folks.  While I can't get sad about that, I do have to acknowledge that it is a great feeling because I remember how active I was then compared to my heaviest days.  Actually, I am now living that active life now, maybe moreso than I did then because we're trying new things that we didn't even do then.  But I am grateful for 319.  I see you.  I didn't mean to diss you.  You served me well and I have had time to contemplate the signficance of the number and would like to move ahead now because we have other number milestones to hit, okay?  But I see you; I acknowledge you; I embrace get the hell off my scale please!  :-)

The positive?  I'm still 4 lbs down from what I started the month at.  The negative?  I don't know that I like the whole "here, lose all you're going to lose for the month in week one!" and honestly 4 lbs in a month doesn't cut it as a "good month" for me.  I would like the 8 pounder months of yore back.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter if you celebrate!

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  1. Sorry to hear you have been stuck. But still being 4 pounds down from the start of the month is better than being up again.

    Enjoy your holiday as well!

  2. Coming along with you is a helpful place for me to be. Kudos to you for continuing on even when the going is slow. Happy Hoppy. :)

  3. Well I'm still relating too much to you, and still need to look at what I need to be doing differently. As soon as my next trip out of town is over (this week) it will be easier to get into a 'routine', even though I do not use being out of town as a free for all excuse any more. I do enjoy the time and try to embrace what is going on around me, though. San Fran was difficult because the whole gluten intolerant thing means no sourdough, no clam chowder, no fish and chips (fish is battered everywhere you go) but I did have some great grilled salmon and tuna while there, so that counted for something. I can empathize with you...I'd like my scale to show me some love, too, but I know I need to do some adjusting first, so that's where I'll focus for now.
    I know you'll keep going till you get there!

  4. Hehehe... "I see you; I embrace you; I acknowledge you..."
    Yep, it is an important milestone but this is a journey and I can tell you are "ready to leave the rest stop already and get back on the road!"
    I think it makes sense to tailor your high-cal days to the journey too, so I like your thinking there. Add a little scaffolding around the day, like tons o' water and high fiber and perhaps the hint of a plan, to account for your smaller YOU!

  5. 319 - Duly noted!! And I agree - get off the darn scale now because the Mrs. deserves an 8-pound month! Ya hear me, scale!!! :-)

    Good job acknowledging the importance and I have no doubt that it won't be there for much longer chickie!


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