Friday, June 30, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #26

Ahh good 'ol 26.  The one that lets you know you're officially halfway through the year.   I've been real irritated at the lack of promised rain we were supposed to get all week.  As a girl who loves a good storm, we never get any around here!  Boo!  We got our washer and dryer delivered Tuesday.  As expected, it didn't go off without a hitch.  While our walls are thankfully still intact, homeboy thought he was going to not install the new dryer vent we were forced to buy because the cleared off laundry center was in the way.  (Which the Mr caught whilst watching him on the camera we put down there.). The Mr has changed that out with it in place before and this guy was smaller so should've had zero problems.  When he tried digging in after the Mr said he paid for it to be installed and would scooch the center out, he said he'd call the store and see what they wanted him to do.  "Do you have a step stool?" That's what I thought little man.  Then the dryer door needed to swing the other way and he said "I don't have the experience to do that and I don't want to break it." That is literally your job and the guys from Home Depot didn't have a problem doing it when they installed them 12 years ago.  So the Mr got the honor of fighting that off then us attempting to screw in the impossibly small screws of which I was zero help since I was ticked we were forced to do that.  So it went about as expected.  I guess it's good to basically have, oh, the entire house replaced now.  😬  Our bank account does not share that feeling.  

Now let's share:

The 3 Big Reasons We Gain More Belly Fat as We Age  (I don't see "because our bodies are assholes" on the list.)

Can Sleeping With Socks On Improve Your Sleep Quality? (Even as a hot sleeper this works for me.  I did it the other night and slept until 6am which never happens.)

Why Our Musical Memories Are So Very Strong  (I can hear a number of songs that take me right back to those feelings (good or bad).  Still time to answer Wednesday's poll on this subject ya know!)

The forced return to the office is the definition of insanity  (Yep.  Not to mention the time lost from families during commutes, spiking stress levels from those commutes as well as sharp decrease in productivity because of people who now think it's time to come over and chat with you all day long because you can't say "I've got another call" to the office windbag.  The Mr started his job the day lockdown started and continually gets outstanding's on his reviews.  Give people the option based on their performance whether they need an office environment or not.)

Most Overrated and Underrated Attractions in Every U.S. State  (I think there's some new road trip stuff on here!  Agree with some- strongly disagree about Graceland.)

Six scenic walks in the Cotswolds  (What I wouldn't give!)

No real plans for the weekend.  Not like it's a long one since the holiday falls on a Tuesday.  Oh wait, SWAT neighbor will be setting off fireworks for 5 days in a row so yeah, I guess I'll be putting earplugs in both ears for the foreseeable future.

What are you getting into this weekend?

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  1. 26!?! WOW. I am glad we got all the stuff replaced now and are able to say that the last one went well only in the sense that they didn't damage the walls like previous installers have done. Sad when that is now the measure of a good experience. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

  2. No major plans. Looking forward to sleeping til 7am tomorrow morning for a change. Need to grocery shop after work today and will work some hours on the weekend since I don't get paid for the holiday. Air quality was at 252, so definitely won't be outdoors a whole lot. Have a great weekend!


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