Monday, June 26, 2023

That Escalated Quickly Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and got rain or sun if you needed it.  We needed to get the hell out of Dodge and a long road trip was on the menu...anything to keep us away for the day.  There's this cinnamon roll place we found whilst driving to Traverse City for the Mr's birthday in October so we thought we'd go there since a favorite restaurant of ours from TC also had a location basically across the street.   

Because it was in a downtown location, we were going to take it to a park to eat.  Well, that would've been fine if 70% of the effing streets weren't closed!!!  WHO DOES THAT ON A WEEKEND!?!  (Can you feel our rage through the caps?)  Every detour was thwarted by another and some of those detours had no detours and the final slap in the face was the last was a MOVING detour!  So I had him burn rubber before they stopped cars at the next intersection before we both had a blood pressure incident. 

We were screaming and yelling.  So picture both of us going from initially calm and excited to eat lunch to this:


We finally found another park that had ONE picnic table (taken, of course) for a 2 city block sized park so we pulled into the place where we spend the most time anymore.  A cemetery.  It was actually small, quiet and shaded so it was a lovely spot to chill after that shit show.

We checked out the map of geocaches in the area and they kind of sucked and we weren't willing to deal with that crap again to potentially run into more closures.  So we looked within a 50ish mile radius to see if we could find something worth driving to and we did!  A virtual cache took us to the grave of the author of Nancy Drew booksHer story is pretty fascinating and it was a fun find!

There was another cache in the cemetery so we sat by the pond afterward and watched the ducks and geese with their teenaged furry floofs.

We also got behind a retired couple living their best lives.

Sunday was laundry day and the Mr informed me the drum in the dryer was no longer spinning unless he spun it Wheel of Fortune style to get it going.  Now, we could either tear it apart like we did in January 2022 or we could admit defeat and say we got 18 more months out of it than we expected.  We went with the latter and now we've got a new washer and dryer coming.  We're actually getting the same models because we really like them and now that we know how to at least pull the dryer apart if needed, we're happy to stick with them and hopefully get another 12 years out of them.  (REEEALLY sucks you can't get old school ones that are made to last 20+ years.)  So we've got our work cut out for us clearing a path so they can deliver tomorrow.  Since the handrails aren't back on the walls yet, the Mr is going to tell them those walls are new, DO NOT touch them under any circumstance and then stare them down the whole time.  


We have had ZERO luck with "Schnowe's" home store subcontractors not screwing us on stuff from not caulking properly so it rained inside our home after a botched patio door install and one of the subs swindling his mom out of money by doing some 'under the table' shadiness we already paid for.  So we are quite leery about this (hopefully) final process of having poop heads service people in the house.

How was your weekend?

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  1. What a weekend! It was good to really get out even if we ran into frustrating construction. Let's hope our appliance delivery goes well for once.

  2. The traffic sounds just terrible and so frustrating. But I'm happy to hear you found a couple of fun things to do before you left. We'll be in need of a new dryer soon, too. Ours is 20 years old, but the washing machine is still doing well so it'll just be the dryer to replace. Hoping to eek out some more months with it, but we know that may not quite happen. Busy weekend with no nap and no boiled eggs. LOL I'll try again this week -- ha!


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