Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Hump Day Poll: Takes Me Back


What song(s) take you back?  Whether it's a good memory, bad break up, some rando song you have no idea why it stuck.  Try to share up to 3 if you can just so we've got a nice mix of stuff to see if they uncover some memories for the rest of us.

Mine are:

New Sensation- INXS   This song was in full rotation on the radio and MTV my second year going out to California for the summer to stay with my dad.  I had a week where my step brother was still in school so I had the house to myself during the day and I loved just dancing around the living room and being alone.  Maybe laying out and giving myself skin problems I'm just now starting to deal with!  😆

Crazy for You- Madonna    Heartbreak song of freshman year.  One of my first crushes.  Completely self centered broken man that I was certain just needed the love of a good woman.  (Wrong- he wanted the love of any man.)  I was the girl at the dance, crying in the corner while he (who didn't even attend that school) was dancing with everyone.  It wasn't until a senior cheerleader who was this bad ass girl was like 'why are you crying?'- I told her the abbreviated version and she was like "I'm going to go kick his ass!"  ROFL  She went over and asked him who he came there with because he didn't go to the school and he said 'my friend' and pointed to me and she said 'maybe you should actually DANCE with her asshole!'  Crazy for You came on and he pulled me up to the dance floor.  It was a pity dance and I knew it.  I hate that I felt secretly excited he finally asked but it led to a bad mental state afterward.  I still get a disgusting pit in my stomach when I hear that song which thankfully isn't often.

Love Me- The 1975   It is not often you can remember exactly where you were when you first heard a song but I do for this one.  The Mr and I were doing our then Sunday morning shopping routine at Target when this song came on the TV monitors in electronics.  I literally stopped in my tracks and looked at him and ran down to see who it was and even waited for the loop since we missed the name of the band so that I could immediately go home and buy the album.  I Like It When You Sleep... is one of the best albums I've heard in decades and they've yet to top it since for us and they don't even play this song live anymore which sucks but damn it was giving me all of the 80's/INXS vibes the second I heard it and I was down!

What song(s) take you back?  Whether it's a good memory, bad break up, some rando song you have no idea why it stuck.  Try to share up to 3 if you can just so we've got a nice mix of stuff to see if they uncover some memories for the rest of us.  Now remember, in order to share in the experience, you have to actually respond here, not just in your mind!  

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  1. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne because it's the first rock song I learned on guitar.

    Why Can't This be Love by Van Halen because it was after David Lee Roth left VH and I loved the song and it was the first album I bought myself VS borrowing my older brothers stuff.

    Just Like Paradise by David Lee Roth because it came out around the same time I got my license and I loved cruising around in my Camaro listening to that.

    1. Listened to that over and over on our way to the first DLR concert I went to freshman year.

  2. Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum -- always put a smile on my face and still does to this day.

    Just Like Heaven by The Cure -- first album I bought on my own.

    Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver. I still watch the lyric video to this several times every year because it just makes me smile. It was the first concert I went to with my mom. It was an outdoor theater that has since been demolished for some dome thingy (got to see Jimmy Buffet there and the New York Rock and Soul Review), but that theater was the best. Loved hearing everyone in the crowd singing as we all sat on the grassy hill.

    1. We danced to a Cure song for our first dance! Halo which was a B side to Friday I'm in Love.

  3. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel's The Stranger album because I won the album answering a trivia question for a radio station and I couldn't stop playing that song for some reason. Still have the album!

    Angie - The Rolling Stones, it was the song playing at a teen dance first time I danced with my now husband (a year before we started dating because I didn't really like him at first lol)

    Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana, my twelve year old son played this song continuously when he was finally allowed to have the CD, but only when his younger siblings weren't home (not sure why we were so strict with music then lol, it didn't last long). Every time I hear it I can picture him sitting on his bed absolutely loving listening to the music. Now he shares his love of music with his six year old.

    1. Aww, so glad your sons love of music translated to the next generation!


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