Friday, June 23, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #25

Hello hello and happy 6 months until Christmas weekend!!  🎄  Ha thought I was going to say summer!  Hey, don't shoot the messenger!  Consider it your official notice to put saving money back for it on your radar or to start those Christmas crafts you say you're going to do every year but never do.  See...I'm a Christmas angel.  For behold- I bring you tidings of great (impending) joy! 

Now I bring you:

A 102-Year-Old MD Shares The 3 Longevity Tips She Swears By  (My great grandma lived to be 100 and I distinctly remember her drinking pickle juice straight out of the jar the year we lived with her.  I think I'll take these up instead.)

The Easiest Way to Silence Your Inner Critic  (I need to try this because mine has been a real Wreck It Rhonda this week.)

How Can I Overcome Depression And Anxiety Without Therapy or Meds?  (This is a video from a psychiatrist we watch sometimes.  He's a little Howdy Doody but he's got good core stuff.)

The 5 Brain Health Habits Seth Rogen and His Wife Do Every Day  (Two and four were literally *prescribed* by my grandma's doctor and because no one did them for/with her, her condition plummeted so fast that the doctors were astounded.)

TikTok Myth of the Week: Vibration Plates  (Well, that's well and good but I have one that aided me when I had TTS so I could continue PT at home in between chiro appointments.  I had to do slow squats on them to help me with balance and it's particularly good if you're trying to stay balanced as you age.  We also lamented we didn't have a small one to bring with us on long trips in May because both of us could sure use it so I'm keeping my eyes peeled on Prime Day!)

Doctors Dismissed My Pain For 8 Years Before Finding My Cancer  (This is infuriating.  BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!)

Patrick Swayze reflects on 'To Wong Foo' role in resurfaced TODAY clip from 1995  (I saw this was on Amazon Prime and even though I own it, I needed something on in the background.  It's always such a fun movie that tackles serious issues that have nothing to do with the main characters from domestic violence to ageism to first love.  I went digging around to see if there were any interviews with Patrick as to how he came to his role as the brilliant and adorable Vida Boheme and found this.  If you've never seen it and have prime, give it a watch.  Can't lose when Stockard Channing and a cameo of Robin Williams are involved.)  

10 Best Small Towns in Maine, According to a Local  (We can vouch for Camden in the off season.  Bucksport was nice too)

40 Years Ago: The Police Exit With a Classic  (Man, what a way to go out.  Not that Stewart and Andy had a choice but still.)

We may or may not have plans for the weekend.  It depends on how we feel tomorrow morning, I suppose, as we're thinking of an all day road trip.  But we also know we've got some house things that need our attention.  Bleh.  So crap shoot weekend on our end!

How about you guys?  Any plans or flying by the seats of your sassy pants?

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  1. Ahhh Friday. I'm up for a road trip. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. My weekend will be work today, grocery shop, house stuff tomorrow and work, and church on Sunday. My Sunday afternoon is still up in the air depending on a few things, but I'll be perfectly content if I end up just being able to nap. lol Have a great weekend and if you do the road trip have a great time!


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