Monday, June 19, 2023

Somewhat Productive Weekend Recap

Howdy do, punkin' poo's!  You still reeling from your weekend shenanigans?  Shouldn't every weekend be that way?  If only.  We got a rare burst of energy last Thursday and got a few pics hung up that have been sitting around for, oh, three months.  

They are 20x30 and I altered them to act as soundproofing as we needed something to get the friggin' echo under a bit of control.  Unfortunately, they're not at the worst spots for echo to make much difference yet and that requires a higher ladder that we ordered to reach the area.  Hopefully, next weekend we'll have our museum gallery of sound absorption up.  It's our second to last hope before going the solid core door route in the future or I guess hypnosis for me.  

The Mr fixed the clicking ceiling fan and we finally got around to hanging up the sconces by the TV.

That night I put in my Luminara tapers and we had the most chill night ever with the Mr massaging my barking dogs, listening to Vince Guaraldi's greatest hits and no noises from either side of us.

I think it makes it look more balanced in size with the fireplace.   I was really nervous about us being able to hang them evenly especially with the hook being in the middle of the sconce but after a little searching it said to hang most sconces 66-72" from the ground.  75" was our spot where we needed them and thankfully the floor was even in those areas or I'd never be able to unsee it.

I gave those Sole inserts a try and initially got the wrong size so they gave me horrible blood blisters on the bottom of my big toes (my fault, not theirs) so I ordered the size up to trim them to fit.  Hopefully as my body adjusts to those they'll make a difference.  A lot of people said they went from expensive orthotics to these so really hoping for a win.

We had Sunday brunch while the Mr was on day two of cluster headaches.  Really sucks when he gets them but they're more frequent and multiple days this time which sucks.  We've thrown everything we can at them but hoping maybe today they can ease out for good until the Fall.  If anyone has dealt with cluster headaches and has any tricks of the trade, feel free to throw 'em at us!

We went up and cut more panels to put in the back of the two pics we were able to hang properly.  Of course the other pictures are slightly smaller than the ones we've had templated so the Mr had to cut off the bottom by about 1/2" which is near impossible with a utility knife without it looking like a snapping turtle was gnawing on it.  Then it was some Hail Mary measuring to try to line up the top one with one that was already hung.  Jankified Inc at your service with books, VHS tapes (??), air filters and the like as an attempted tripod to line up picture hooks.

(Excuse the unfinished trim spot on the half wall.  I still have to stain the shelf on top.)

It would've worked had the laser level we have not been an utter POS that doesn't have a flat side to go horizonal on.  So we got a tripod, book and a felt piece to get it as level as possible.  We had to measure up from the stringer to see where the handrails will go when we ever get around to reattaching them so the pictures wouldn't be in the way of them.  

The Mr went down and switched out our water pipe attachments from the ones the plumbers used to these silicone silence clamps.  Ever since we got the house re-piped to PEX, the water lines were attached straight to the joists and would loudly click as the pipes expanded and contracted.  As someone who just spent a ton of money to get noise out of their house (and added more), this was a most unwelcome new development.  We've had the clamps for a few weeks but thankfully he got those up and I already hear a difference when he flipped the water on.  I'm hoping that keeps up because we went from pipes we didn't know we had for 27 years sound wise to getting new pipes and hearing every single expansion and contraction directly underfoot.  No thank you.

Then it was time to get downstairs and get our strength on.  It was a small 30 minute total body one with low weights but some hilarity thanks to doggies.   Then dinner and chillin' for the evening.

There will be a post tomorrow so swing back then!

How was your weekend, you sassy beast?

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  1. Glad we got stuff on the walls now. Hoping it helps but it does look nice either way. Have a great week everyone!

  2. It was a busy weekend with work, but it all worked out. Yesterday was a nice day after church and I was able to enjoy a quiet afternoon. My favorite part of the weekend? Trying the Lemon Cheerios that have come out for the summer. Quite good!


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