Monday, November 7, 2022

Where Did the Weekend Go? Weekend Recap

My Lord, how is it Monday already??  


The only mischief happening in this house was of the reno kind.  We worked on a decorative platform that'll be one of the last pieces we get to set up.  It was kind of a fun little build and we really love the way it looks and can't wait to show y'all once it's set up.  We watched the movie Weird (Weird Al Yankovic parody biopic).  That was...uh, interesting.  We both liked the beginning of it but somewhere it took a turn (we both think when Madonna came into the picture) and then it kind of skidded the toilet from that point on.  It's on point for Daniel Radcliff though given he's had roles as a dude with horns and a farting corpse so...

The Mr was kind enough to get some leg massager sleeves from my wishlist because I spent a few days hobbling around last week after a lot of time on my feet and I'm glad.  I think it'll not just help as we move forward with this remodel but also after road trips or on high cal days when my legs like to retain water.  They even have extender pads for people with chunka monk calves like mine.  Thanks Mr!

The Mr got to painting the lower half of our accent wall.  Ain't it purty?

Come Sunday I did some test patching with different stains after breakfast to see what would work best.  Of course the wood conditioner I had on hand wasn't compatible so the Mr had to run to the big orange machine to get some for me.

I got to distressing some wood pieces.

I only got four done before my lower back waved the white flag so I might need a folding chair handy out there for breaks when I do some planing/chiseling.  

We settled in and watched Chateau and "Rich People Problems" (aka Renovation Island).  I really hope there isn't another season of that show because it's really annoying to see people gripe about which project needs their attention- their hotel in the Bahamas, the house with an airplane hangar they're renovating, her office or their vacation rental that is contributing to the housing shortage.  I'm about done with those effers.

Today we've got a car appointment and an eye appointment and an appointment with distressing wood until my hands give out.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Monday already? That weekend really did go by fast even with the added hour from the "fall back". We did get some projects moving along again though and that is the key here. There is a plan amid the chaos.

  2. Isn't it crazy how you blink and the weekend is completely over. It sounds like you guys got a lot accomplished and are well on your way to having this amazing project done! The nitty gritty stuff now is no fun since you are so close to being finished that you just want it done pronto! You are going to be two happy humans as soon as you put the last touch on it!
    Weekend was good. Got a lot done and managed to get some rest in there too. Already a busy day but I accomplished quite a bit in 4 hours this morning, so I feel good about that (my body...not so much). It's a chilly one out there too at 49 degrees with strong winds out of the north so that was a bit of a shock being outside in the unit and the garage. Yowza.

  3. I'm behind with your posts, I don't get them through email anymore and after avoiding Covid got hit with it in early November. I read nothing and watched tv for three weeks straight! I did come here to say that I've been watching Bryan for over ten years (Leave it to Bryan) and I also don't like the direction they've gone with Renovation Island (US) Island of Bryan (Canada). I'm probably being petty lol, but since Sarah became more involved with his shows he's changed. He always seemed so down to earth. I watched the first two seasons of Island of Bryan and didn't watch anymore, not sure I will.

    1. So sorry...your comment got sucked into moderation and I just found it! ARG!! (I so wish I could find a good FREE email provider like Feedburner used to do) I TOTALLY agree about Sarah. I can't remember the other show we watched him on but we really liked him which is why we started watching. But then after a season or two you see these two people are living in constant chaos and bickering back and forth and the kids are like "can we just LIVE in a place please?" No wonder their oldest was basically on his own at 16/17 with his riding and stuff. YEESH!


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