Friday, November 18, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #46

Happy Friday!  Well, I met my new primary doc yesterday.  The Mr met her last week and he said he really liked her and she was leaps and bounds better than our previous mooks in white coats.  I was a little upset when I heard they took his blood without having him fast because we've been carefully watching his cholesterol levels just like mine and I know that can mess up results.  She said they'd rerun it if the numbers looked off and they didn't.  We also didn't see vitamin D on there which we are both deficient on and she had them run it the same day and got the thumbs up.  We are not used to, like, actual service.  I fasted for mine since my appointment was early-ish and I really wanted my results to be as accurate as possible.  I knew my cholesterol dropped 30 points six months ago so I didn't want anything to mess that up.  I am so relieved we have what appears to be a completely competent doctor because we were beginning to think those didn't exist anymore!  She spent over 30 minutes with me, gave me my tetanus shot and they drew some blood after the check up.

Now let's check up on:

Why Your Joints Might Crack More With Age, and What to Do About It  (My knee has taken to making a lovely cracking sound when I do certain PT exercises.  I'mma try to exorcise that demon!)

How To Be Happy As You Age — Not Who Social Media Says You Should Be  (I think about the immense difference in what people our age looked like and did when I was a kid to now.  I have to be careful not to fall into the "I'm too old" trap because society is basically done with you at 35 which is pretty sad.  I want to be one of those 90 year olds with two hiking poles passing by a wheezing 20 year old who says "okay, I want to be like her at that age!")

BMI: The Mismeasure of Weight and the Mistreatment of Obesity  (BMI is so outdated but every doctor clings to it like it's gospel.  There is nothing better than the look on a new doc's face when they assume the Mr and I are going to be on tons of meds and have out of control numbers and we are in perfect ranges and only take a few supplements.)

Long COVID Is an Invisible Disability—and It Changed My Life Forever  (Sorry but it's not over even if you are over it.  (Obviously we ALL are.)  Stories like these of this cancer researcher remind us that over 20 million people are now disabled due to long Covid.)

19 Small Changes People Made That Had a Huge Impact on Their Mental Health (All very good suggestions even if you just implement a few.)

Gmail tip: 3 reasons to ‘snooze’ your emails and how to do it  (I probably do this at least 5x a day with different stuff!  So convenient but also a procrastinator's best friend.  Whoops!)

7 'Little Things' That Make People A Lot Happier In Their Relationships  (Aww, very sweet and doesn't take much to make someone's day!)

People Are Creating Memes About Nature And All Things Environment, Here Are 35 Of The Best Ones  (#6 almost makes me pee my pants every time I scroll back to it.)

You know how people look forward to the weekend?  Well, that ain't us.  I did a 'to do list' Monday night for the Mr who says he likes them because he's task oriented.  He probably wanted to whip his phone into the next county when he read it.  So much to do and I really want to be done with the majority of it by Sunday because I somehow have to summon the energy to prepare our Thanksgiving meal mid-week.  The turkey is cooked and food saved and we have the ingredients we need but throwing it together is going to be...challenging.  Thanksgiving pizza?

I hope everyone has their schtuff for Thanksgiving so you can ease into the holiday next week. I suppose we should also work on cleaning the downstairs so we can have a calm environment for that and then tree trimming soon.  Oy.

What's on tap for you this weekend?

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  1. Week 46. Wow. Hard to believe how fast it goes sometimes but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Happy Friday!
    Tree, I bet that makes you happy!
    I am off next week so very excited!

  3. So glad you like your new doctor! Always a great partnership to have.
    This weekend will hopefully be the remaining garage stuff. Got the dresser in the basement yesterday and got rid of all the bins of tools so it's less daunting to look at in there. I work tonight and then I'm done. So Sunday will be the big garage day while the hubs is at work. Have a super weekend!!


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