Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Hump Day Poll: How Long In the Bat Cave?


How long does your gynecologist spend doing your actual exam?

I went to the same gynie for like 20ish years.  I was used to her chit chatting with me but being very thorough.  Kneading the dough on the breast exam, taking a good long look into the bat cave so that she could tell me how "shiny and healthy" my cervix looked and then did whatever where they jam the fingers in and push around on the stomach.  It was thorough and I completely trusted her.  Same with her replacement she recommended that I had for 2-3 years before she left.  Then I went to this other woman for two years who was nice enough and was maybe late 20's/early 30's but she tippy tapped the
boobs for 3 seconds (no lie) and she barely opened the speculum before she was clamping down and pulling up stakes like she was gonna catch the obesity from me or something.  The woman I left her for last year when serious medical issues came up down below does an amazing job when looking for all of the medical issues but man I just did my first annual with her yesterday and same thing.  Jazz fingers and the equivalent of sticking your finger in someone else's mouth and removing it before they can clamp down on your finger exam wise.  I would say total, the actual exam lasted 45 seconds and that was WITH a pap and breast exam.  She's about the same age as the previous doc.  

Is this how they train them now?  Get in and get out to the point the patient doesn't even seem like they could possibly trust what they just did?

Just curious if any of m'ladies have encountered the same thing?

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  1. While I can't relate or answer the specific questions here, I can show support by saying nothing upsets me more than getting less time than what you think you should get from a doctor. They're supposed to check for things that can save your life and when they spend less time doing that it just feels like being cheated out of the money you pay for health insurance and copays.

  2. My PCP does my gynie stuff. Been with her like 16 years. She's my age (55). We switched to pap every 5 years as HPV is the driver for cancer down there. Since hpv is contracted through sex, a monogamous relationship would not have that risk.
    She does quite the girls check and presses and prods.

    1. Also she spends about 45 minutes with me on blood tests and questions


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