Friday, November 11, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #45

For the love of all that is holy, how is it that those of us in the US are going to be in a food coma in two weeks?!  Like less than two weeks from Thanksgiving.  I suppose I should actually like, shop for it or something.   😑  Well, I kind of have here and there as far as stuff for our cheeseball, rolls, etc.  

Now let's jump into:

5 Exercise Habits To Slow Muscle Aging  (Great tips.  Will have to try the rep range one.)

6 Breakfast Foods That Help You Poop (Get dem bowels hummin'!)

14 Foods High in Phytoestrogen That Are Really Good for You (If you are peri or full on menopausal, this may be worth discussing with your doctor to make sure it's safe if you have a history of estrogen sensitive cancer in your family.)

5 Surprising Things That Happen to Your Body When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep  (Not surprised at all and sure wish I could get some!)

After Losing His Sense of Smell from COVID-19, an Italian Gastronomer Discovered How to Get It Back (This is amazing.  I remember how devastating it was to lose my sense of smell for 4 months about 10 years ago after some freak pneumonia in my lungs.  It completely takes all joy out of life and you don't realize how much you miss the simplest smell.  But I've read too many stories about people saying after Covid everything smells like hot, wet garbage and they lose a ton of weight because they can't eat.)

A home buying tactic from the ’70s and ’80s is seeing a revival—here’s how it works and what buyers and sellers get out of it  (DON'T DO IT!!!!  We did it to get into this place and were told it "only goes up 1% per year and 'never' goes up two."  Well, it went up two the first year and was probably responsible for a 20 lb weight gain at the time.  It was only by the grace of God the Mr had just gotten a new job and we were able to squeak by.  So ONLY do it if you can absolutely afford the amount they'll say it can't go up to because it will.)

10 Tips for Starting a Fire in Bad Weather  (Hell, I can't seem to start a fire in good weather much anymore.  We're never without our fire starters!  And if we're just not feeling it, this baby is a close second!)

How Big Is Infinity?  (Well Mr, I guess we weren't the ones to invent the game unless they started after 1992.)

50 Of The Best Doppelganger Photos  (These are pretty spot on!)

Lots of odds and ends on tap.  I think if I have time I might do some math and scale down our pies so I don't have to use so much stuff.  (Actually, I ended up buying this pie pan and I'm going to do half apple and half pumpkin.  We'll see if it ends up being a poopshow or not!)  I am still flabbergasted at the amount of groceries anymore.  I won't get started on that or it'll be like pitchforks and torch time.  Wishing it was a month ago when we were in Traverse City and chilling.  Man that was nice! 

Anything good planned for the weekend?

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  1. I had to really stop and think when you said TC was a month ago but wow you are too right. Time is racing by. If only we actually had infinity when we needed it.

  2. It really is hard to believe 2023 is a month and a half away! This is a working weekend so got the grocery shopping done this morning after work and am doing the laundry now. Then work tonight and tomorrow night, then Sunday get the exercise stuff out of storage and be done with that.
    Have a great weekend getting your odds and ends worked on. I hope it's a productive weekend, but with a movie break or two for balance. =o)


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