Monday, November 28, 2022

Post Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Howdy do, all?  I hope my American SATW fam had a great holiday and had so many leftovers, you never want turkey and taters again.  (And hope the rest of you had a great weekend.)  Our Thanksgiving was just us which makes it feel like all I did was cook a bigger dinner than usual.  

(ALL the carbs and Grandma's noodles were medicinal.)

It didn't feel very special which sucks but the things I miss about holidays are things I can never have again.  I did talk to people and was kind of quickly reminded the things I wasn't missing.  😕  We recorded the parade and fast forwarded through the crappy parts (which would include the attention hogging diva taking away Santa's screen time on the Macy's version) then watched the dog show until they showed they were going to screw the Toy Fox Terrier again by not showing it so we were done with that.  We watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, stuffed ourselves beyond limits to emotionally eat from an incident a few days prior, walked off some potatoes at the park then napped.  

(They must've known it was safe to emerge by 4:30pm)

I got the Mr's presents wrapped which felt good.  I still have some shopping to do which is unheard of for me.  Also no tree up and have no idea when/if that's happening.  The Christmas cards I have sent out on Thanksgiving eve for 26 years?  Haven't even touched or thought about them.  

Saturday was a repeat of Thanksgiving with leftovers but add in some football and that's about it.  I did get to working on my curtains for the bedroom which is finished for the most part.  Yet another thing that should've been simple with the addition I wanted to make for the panels but of course turned into a crap fest and it's like "really?  THIS is going to fight me too?"  I finally grabbed the Fabric Fusion and said screw it to add my fringe that began to unravel the second I cut it.  So over it all.  I think we were able to enjoy like 3 minutes of looking around at the room and feeling accomplishment last weekend but that was it.  That was a joyless project for both of us pretty much the whole time with every task throwing it's worst at us.  The stain fumes are still just strong enough to make me wake up every morning with an irritated throat and congestion.  I've kept the window open even in 34 degree weather, used vinegar, lemons, activated charcoal pouches, baking soda and all of the tricks but it is making it irritating to sleep in there if the window hasn't been open until just before bed.  

More universe taunting.  


Sunday I had a whole list I sent myself in an email of what I wanted to get done.  (Well, I wanted it done Friday and Saturday but...I digress.)  I got like 1/3 of it done which is more than it was starting to look like by 4pm.  The previously mentioned curtains got hung after much lamenting and much more BS to contend with than what I mentioned up there.  I thought curtain hooks were included in the blackout panels I got.  They were not.  The Mr grabbed some from the store.  As I was hooking the panels to the curtains, I saw the blackout panels were too wide.  *insert looming mental breakdown*  I looked up the panels to order the correct size.  "Sorry- we don't have a size that will fit your panels.  Jank it, missy."  What else is new?  So I folded in the side and hooked it through 2 layers of fabric while cursing at it because these curtains could bite it.  We went to install it with the remaining blackout rod I got from a two pack a few months ago and there was a huge snafu there and it looked like after we drilled holes it wasn't going to work *insert actual mental break and tears* but the Mr was able to finagle and get it hung.  Then I steamed them as best I could and hissed at them when I walked by.

I started unloading the bins back under the bed and will go through the space bags today for any stuff that I may have kept for no good reason.  I've already got a small pile started so I'm ready for The Purge Two:  This Time- She's Over It.

We're both in a bad mental place and dealing with bullsh*t we shouldn't have to outside of all of that.  (Hence my absence last week.)  I scrolled back through my one happy year and it feels like 'damn man, where's the happy!?'  We've had a LOT this year which we seem to be saying every year and it's taking a toll.  Neither of us knows how to pull ourselves out of it so I guess we ride it together and hope we don't drown.

How was your holiday/weekend?

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  1. You did an awesome job with all the food and I'm thankful for that. I am also glad we got out for a walk as that was good for my well-being even if I was a bit in the dumps for the rest of the weekend. Hope everyone had a great holiday if they celebrate.

  2. I'm sorry it was such a bummer of a weekend. This project tore you up one side and down the other. Throw in the holiday along with it and it made for too much stress. I wish you could have a do-over of the past six months!
    Weekend was pretty good. Dinner was good overall and only needed to wash one bowl and one sauce pan, so I liked that. Cleaned out a closet, got stuff carried into the basement and did some other house stuff.

  3. Busy, fun, tiring
    Can't wait for the reveal!


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