Thursday, September 8, 2022

Our Master Bedroom Remodel Punch List


If you read my post about the inspiration for the master bedroom remodel, then you know I'm going for an English countryside vibe.  As a reminder, this is the jaw dropping picture that inspired me and I thought I'd include a mood board since that's apparently what real bloggers are supposed to do.

(Pardon my crap job at a mood board attempt)

I know, it's neutral.  It's meant to be.  Ever since we revamped the downstairs to be a similar color palette, my stress levels are much less than before.  I still feel as calm and cozy down there as I did when we put it together in January/February 2020.  If I want pops of color, there are accessories for that like throws for the end of the bed, art, decor, curtains, etc.  

I will admit that the bedspread is not my typical cup of tea but with Mount Midoriyama as my new bedframe, I need something that will cover the 18" of space underneath.  I could do a bed skirt but this allows me to have easy access without worrying about a bed skirt falling back in my face.  If I don't like the flouncy look then it's cheap enough to switch it out for something else.  Many people commented it's not warm so I may need a linen duvet over it anyway.  That Retique It is going to save me some money because I'm refinishing the top of our current Crate and Barrel nightstands as well as the top of the armoire assuming we can fix the wonkiness of it having been shoved to hell and back all over the bedroom.  I'm eager to report back on the fabulousness that will be that product.  (Ya hear me, remodel gods??)

In construction, a "punch list" is a list of items that need to be addressed before a project can be deemed complete.  So here's ours.

Ceilings smoothed (as smooth as they're going to get)

Paint Walls (Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige)

Stone Wall Install

Over grout Stone Wall

Soundproof common wall for muffled lusty escapades/to not hear neighbor on phone cackling

Install Wood Feature Half Wall/Long Shelf

Install Haddon Hall Style Paneling

Refinish Nightstands

Repaint Armoire  (Um yeah...not happening.  Will update as the project closes.)

Install Engineered Hardwood/Baseboards

Build Platform for Electric Fireplace

Build Reclaimed Wood Curtain Valance

Paint Door Trim


Hibernate as it will probably be winter now


As you can see, we have quite a journey ahead of us and you know, we only want it done within the next FOUR WEEKS!!  (ROFL- It won't be, you glutton for DIY punishment!  Try a month after that!)  Just writing all of that made me understand why they call it a punch list because I definitely want to punch something now.  I know logistically we should be able to do it but our bodies have let us know in no uncertain terms that 1) they are not happy about these activities early on so there will be much soreness and hobbling and 2) much like Murtaugh, we are too old for this sh*t.  (I will try to not let it know we're also pulling up the vinyl flooring in the bathroom to better match the new hardwood, pulling up carpet on the stairs and refinishing them as well as tearing out our balusters and updating them in a few months as well as eventually replacing the first floor flooring if the second floor goes well as well as the gym floor.  Le barf.)


So yeah, we have a LOT of stuff on the plate to get done and living in a state of constant chaos since well let's see.  I initially started this base jump into the rabbit hole Memorial Day weekend Friday when I said I was "just going to clean off the cart in the office."  (aka dumping ground #2)  So basically this whole second floor will have sucked up almost half the year by the time we're done with the two rooms.  


Anything on your to do list?

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  1. Well, now that you put it that way... Yeah in list form it, well, yeah its pretty daunting no matter which way you slice it. We just need to start punching!

  2. Punch list lmfao!
    Sounds like you have a plan and it will be awesome!
    My list is a living document that I keep going. Some are improvements, some fixers. I just finished my trim and shoe for my basement I worked on all winter.
    Some tweaks needed as well as a chair rail. Trying to find a creative alternative. I try to cross one thing off a weekend as a minimum. Had company over the weekend and literally followed their lead of lazing which felt so weird. I'm used to accomplishing things.
    Make sure you celebrate each step!

  3. Having that list will put things in order in your head and will feel wonderful each time you get to cross one off! Can't wait to see the big reveal on this beautiful project!
    I have a few projects to get done in autumn, and one in winter, but I'm making great strides on my basement which is the first one on my list. I'm about 80% done and I felt like a million bucks when I was able to put the suitcases on the bottom shelf because all that space had been taken up with Christmas bins. We had nine bins that took up 3 full shelves because one of the bins was extra long and wide, and my goal was to reduce it down to 2 bins for Christmas and get rid of everything else, either to people I know, or donations. And I did it! We will be hauling up a 7ft tree and a 4/12 ft tree upstairs for donations and numerous Christmas boxes to donate. Then the hubs has boxes he needs to go through from his family and that will clear one section. My knee is protesting but that's nothing new. lol


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