Friday, September 2, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #35

Happy long (hopefully) weekend  to you!  This kicks off my favorite time of year so I'm stoked
and I'm hoping to kick summer to the curb but quick.  Eff you flop sweat!  So long stinky pits!  Aloha, wall of humidity!  Clearly these things aren't going anywhere just yet but a girl can dream!

In case anyone wants to see our workouts for this month, here's our schedule.  

9/4  (have aerobic steps ready for bench)
9/5  Grow Jo
9/7  Turbo Fire 45 EZ
9/8  WATP Firm 30
9/9  T25 Focus

9/14  Grow w Jo
9/15  Turbo Fire Tone 30
9/16  Leslie

9/19  Turbo Fire 45 (not EZ!)
9/21  Power 90
9/23  Grow Jo

9/25  (Have step/bench with 2 risers)
9/28  Gilad in Jerusalem
9/29  Turbo Fire Sculpt 30
9/30  Grow Jo

(I'm not telling you to do these workouts too just sharing what we're doing with you.  If you do choose to do them, you do them at your own risk.  I'm no doctor so check with yours when starting any new routine and all that jazz.)  I can tell you that for our Sunday's- that woman does NOT joke around.  Holy 💩!  She's new to our radar and is worth checking out to see if she's someone you might like too.

Now let's check out:

What is the amazing effect that grapes have on the body?  (Actually A LOT of multiple awesomeness so you should pick some up!)

4 Ways Drinking Coffee May Help You Live Longer  (Sadly we had to add this recently and I guess I'll take the longevity and drink the dirt.)

The One Fruit Sleep Experts Want You to Eat More Often  (Already on it for years but might be worth trying closer to bedtime)

‘Duck Walking’ Can Strengthen and Stretch Your Calves and Shins if They’re Inflamed From Pounding the Pavement  (Crap, I totally forgot my chiro prescribed these to me early on.  Since I'm having front of the leg issues I guess this popped up at just the right time!)

The Hidden Micro-Stresses Ruling Your Life—and How to Stop Them  (This is so true!  It all adds up but I'm not really seeing the 'how to stop them' part.  Voodoo dolls weren't listed.)

5 Reasons Why Quiet Quitting Is Great for Your Mental Health  (I love how "setting work boundaries" is considered "quiet quitting" now.  Guess what, you DO NOT owe your work a single thought much less answering emails once you clock out.  Unless you're getting overtime for it...NO.)

Cell carrier privacy settings to change now  (They don't need to spy on you more than they already do.)

Why does paint look good in stores but bad on your wall? It’s science.  (This is 1000% right because NOTHING ever looks the way it does on the paint chips or even the lid half the time because of how dark our house is.  I can't count how many colors I live with because I won't spend more money to cover it up. Oh and if you didn't already know NEVER pick your color online.  VASTLY different.)

E. Bryant Crutchfield, inventor of the Trapper Keeper in Dayton, dies at 85  (Thank you Mr Crutchfield for attempting to make me a little more organized as a kid.  I loved your Trapper Keepers!)

Lisa Marie Presley Says She Was 'Destroyed' by Son Benjamin's Death but Keeps 'Going for My Girls'  (My heart just breaks for her because that boy was her everything.  So much loss in her life and knowing what she is going through, her lowlife ex-husband is still trying to come after what money she's finally making again.  I hope there's an album in there somewhere to process all she's gone through the past 5 years.)

Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert Livestream  (For anyone wanting to watch it tomorrow.  I'd try to catch the concert live if you can because they're going to hack the hell out of it for the special they air later.) 

Raccoon Is Completely Obsessed With Fawn Who Lost Mom, Gives Her Hugs Every Day  (Oh my heart!  This is the content you signed up for)

It's birthday weekend shenanigans for us which still isn't much in the scheme of things.  I've got a birfday box from my bestie waiting to be opened, I plan to whip up an afternoon tea with a few of my faves and hanging with my homeboy.  Yep, I know how to party.  🥳


Any plans for the holiday weekend?

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    My broski and siblings are coming to visit. My oldest will be here all next week!
    Enjoy celebrating you, yiu deserve to be celebrated!

  2. Happy happy birthday! Enjoy the entire weekend celebrating! I'm going to continue in the basement with getting rid of stuff. I'm about a third way done with the Christmas stuff so it's going much faster than I thought it would. Today's project is putting gift boxes inside of gift boxes to give away. We have FOUR bins of just gift boxes, most of which are already nested. I'm keeping one bin and that's it. At least those will be lightweight to carry up the stairs. =o)

  3. Happy Birthday! I am so ready for shenanigans and that is my favorite word too. A nice long weekend to boot. Woohoo!


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