Monday, September 12, 2022

What Have We Done? Weekend Recap

Yep.  That about sums it up!

When you live in a shoebox, there is nowhere to move anything which makes it a little hard to lay flooring.  (Especially when you're storing eleven 83" long boxes up there to acclimate.)  So Friday the Mr got everything out of the office except for the behemoth desk so we could move it to the freed up subfloor.

To our amazement, the subfloor was completely level, the walls completely square and the OSB in way better shape than we were imagining.  The carpet?  Another story, kind of.  We did find a spot or two where our dog apparently whizzed which I wasn't surprised by and I'm sure we're going to be shocked how many more spite piss areas there are in the main bedroom when we tackle that.  

Then there's the matter of how much dust in the form of I'm going to assume skin was in the padding.  Just 26 years worth.  Enough to make me want to yarf and convinced I could stir it in water and rehydrate a construction crew to help us but I refrained from the science project.

It took a good two hours just to get started and lay two rows by noonish.  He was doing his thing at first and I felt in the way so I was patching the grout job and wanted to cry with the shoulder soreness of having my arms over my head.  

Then he called me in to look at patterns and which boards I wanted to use.  We made sure that any uglier spots went under the bed and desk.  I was the glue girl and I whacked more than my share of boards into place.  

Of course our horrible construction company hung the drywall off kilter so the spacers we got would work in some spots and not work in others because there was no wall to lean it against.  Always an adventure to see the young bucks they hired fresh out of high school vocational school to work their first job to be well on their way to being mediocre construction workers with zero pride in their work.  (I'm NOT ragging on all construction guys, there are actual craftsmen out there.  But you all know we've found everything from construction trash crammed behind cupboards to a completely burned piece of trim on top of the firebox that should've set the house on fire to now sawdust under carpet padding that they were too lazy to take 60 seconds to vacuum before laying the padding.  So yeah...mediocre at best is all these dudes were striving for.)


I think we were at the 8 hour mark before we got to where we had to stop at the desk. 

(The camera settings super lighten the floors.  They are nowhere near this light in person.)

Besides, both of our bodies had more than waved the white flag and it was no time before we were too hobbly and stiff to move.  I sat with my searing feet that were already hurting from being on the toolbox the previous few days on some hard ice packs.  The Mr strapped a gel ice pack to his aching knee.  Then we watched some Rachel Maksy videos and massaged each others feet to try to cheer each other up.  We had to wait for 12 hours before the floor could take foot traffic and we wondered how in the hell we were going to be up for hopefully finishing the office yesterday.  

Sunday came and we dreaded the day due to extreme crippling but had no choice.  The Mr did a grocery pickup and I made a big breakfast to fuel us for the day.  (Pumpkin pancakes for the win!!)  We put down ramboard to protect the floors then moved the desk to the back of the room.  We made somewhat quick time of moving everything out of the closet then hit a wall with install.  The Mr cut the transition piece so we'd have something to measure against since we don't have the final flooring to butt it up to.  It was the most irritating part of the room because lots of notches had to be made and I give it up to the Mr even if I was getting frustrated.  I would've balled up in the corner on some of those cuts.  Unfortunately, my legs were beyond shot.  I spent any time not helping in the front bedroom dump site with a heating pad on the "Satan's butt crack" setting digging into my thighs and butt with my wood tomahawk trying to release the muscle demons and failing miserably.  This is no time to give out bod.  But with all of the notching involved, I was pretty useless on all fronts yesterday.  😕  The Mr cracked the last board into the closet around 8:15pm and I thought he was going to collapse but dang it looked good.

He peeled off his sopping wet clothes and jumped in the shower and I started dinner.  Then he flopped onto the couch and we watched Chateau and had our cocoa before melting into the couches.

Today will be attempting to get the office back together if our bodies allow.

What did you do this weekend?

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    I moped and caulked my trim miters.

    1. Thanks Dawn! I wish there was an accurate way to show the flooring because every pic is so light compared to what it looks like IRL. Uh oh, why the mopin'? Shoot me a FB message if you need to chat. Good job caulking your miter cuts!

  2. I have reached a new level of exhaustion but I'm glad room 1 is done and I do love the way it looks!

    1. You poor thing, I felt horrible for you and even worse I couldn't do much more than glue and whack a mole the piece in the first part of the wood. You're a rock star and I hope you've got it in ya again this weekend. :-|

  3. The floors look incredible!! I know you are both broken and it was probably a struggle to even sit up to get out of bed today. You guys made great progress and you will just love it when it's all finished!
    I spent most of my time in the basement packing, shredding, sweeping, and moving a baker's rack and getting that organized. I'm over 160 boxes gone now, so we're nearing the end of that portion. Today will be breaking down boxes and getting to the last major section to be worked on. I counted all the empty bins that were once full and we're at 17 so far. My plantar fasciitis is giving me fits in my left foot (not a coincidence it's the same leg as my really bad knee) so I'm doing all my stretches and icing for that. Highs today in the 50s because of the wind and that!

    1. Yeah, today is interesting so we may have to switch our workout tonight to PiYo or something more stretch/yoga oriented.

      Girl, you are killin' it on that basement! I bet you're SO relieved to be in that home stretch. I can't wait to see pics. I totally feel ya on the PF, I'm getting there so we'll both be in ice pack purgatory. Oooh, enjoy that weather!


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